Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – LOLI GET!

OH MAH GAWD!!!!! MINAMI HAS A LITTLE SISTER! AND SHE LOOKS LIKE MINAMI TO BOOT!! Baka test is offically the BEST ANIME EVAR! XD [Fanboy speaking here…pay no heed.] A miniature Minami is all well and good, but my love goes to Minami! Damn, just love that tsundere nature!

Being tsundere is double edged though. Us viewers can see what’s happening and thus get entranced by the archetype. But she can’t properly say how she feels to the person she likes nor can she be honest with herself, hurting herself in the process. So when she kept on calling Yoshii ‘baka’, I was thinking those words should be directed at herself. She wasn’t honest so it’s no wonder academically challenged Yoshii didn’t pick up her intentions. But it all ends in Minami’s favor and we’re treated to a sure to kill smile~

So far, I’ve only been going on about Minami and Minami, can’t help it, she’s awesome. But this anime really is torture, all the characters are all so likable that it’s hard trying to stay true to only one. Hamaji is just so cute and adorable that I can’t bring myself to be mad at her for competing against Minami. Yes, even the male characters are pretty damn likable…Hideyoshi for obvious reasons. ~_~

For the anime I’ve said I may drop in a few episodes, it’s turning out to be the one I look forward to the most!

11 thoughts on “Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – LOLI GET!

  1. akihisa choose himeji because she has more more more bigger boobs than minami…but i prefer minami cause she’s freak’in cute!!!>.<!!~~

  2. aaarrggg…i never watch this anime…is this a really good anime or what?
    i know that..this anime is soooo funny ^^

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