Sora no Woto – Getting the K-ON Outta Me

Ritalin prescribed Ritsu, who dyed her hair and let her bangs down, along with ever curious Yui go into town for a few supplies for some of the equipment from their K-ON club. Along the way they meet a few of the townsfolk, including one small kid who doesn’t like their music, says it killed his parents. Poor kid. But does that mean he can be an asshole about it?

Feeling a bit down, Ritsu and Yui continue with ther errands. And it seems that heavy Ritalin medicated Ritsu has been studying a bit, she’s been spewing lots of things I have no idea what they mean, impressing Yui along the way. Magnesium Oxide…whut? O_o

The Ritalin takes a toll on our dear Ritsu here and she gets drowsy, falling asleep in Yui’s shoulder. It would take a while before Ritsu awakens again, so Yui talks with the factory workers a bit and got some blowing lessons from the master. Yui realized what she was doing wrong, rather than forcing and blowing too hard, it’s better to blow softly and gently, letting the sound guide you.

Being the prodigy musician she is, it takes no time for Yui to master this. And with her highly sensitive ear, she was able to pinpoint the exact sound needed for the supplies they went to get. Taking it back to the K-ON club, they add the supplies and finally their equipment starts to perform well, this pleases Ritsu, making her smile, the first smile ever since she has been medicated with Ritalin.

Aww~ what a happy end~

Please excuse this post. There have been LOTS, and I mean LOTS, of people saying this is the second coming of revered anime K-ON! And because of them, I was affected too, just by a bit, so I decided to get it all out and over with.

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