Hanamaru Kindergarten – Sankaku Complex…ity

Anzu-chan learns the complexity of love!

I can’t get enough of this anime. This anime is pretty simple and laid back, it’s just about kids being kids and the life of a male kindergarten teacher. Sounds boring, but it’s really entertaining and funny.

And who can’t love Yamamoto-sensei~!? Her carefree and clueless nature is love~

Kinda wonder what she thinks of herself. She says no man will like her, but they are falling for her left and right, of course, including Tsuchida-sensei…lucky dude.

But not so much luck for Anzu-chan, she has a tough rival. All is fair in love and war:

Anzu-chan brings out the big guns.

Hahaha~ There’s not that really much to say about Hanamaru Youchien, it’s simple and entertaining. A VERY enjoyable anime to watch!

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