That screenshot show my face as I watched this special OVA! It was both entertaining and DELICIOUS~

How long has it been since K-ON! ended? A season? I didn’t expect to miss the antics of the K-ON Club this much. Simply hearing Yui speak and being as carefree as always made me remember how much I enjoyed K-ON! I am really looking forward to the second season~

5 thoughts on “K-ON! OVA

  1. I guess it´s the 14th episode? their first live?

    Kinda good. But I got bored of the antics and skipped to the end basically for the music :p

    Watched most of it though.Great design and graphics and you can see it´s still the same old café anime that it was before :(

    I would love for a new season where they actually play music instead of just talking and eating sweets…

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