Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – No Snappy Title

Happens to me all the time. I wake up in the morning, scratch my ass, dash out of the door, and make males fall in love with me by ACCIDENTALLY landing face flat into their crotch. [/total lie]

This episode was a bit yaoi. Yaoi alart was in high gear early into the episode, probably scaring off a few people. XD

Baka Test seems to be targeting audiences who are confused with their sexuality. Giving us things like this and this and making them feel okay with themselves. It’s okay to dress up like a girl. And it’s okay for you guys to FAP to Hideyoshi. [/bullshit]

But yeah, this was yet another enjoyable episode of Baka Test. I felt it lacked a bit on the comedy, the first two episodes were hilariously funny, but this episode wasn’t too bad. It’s even fine if they tack on Hideyoshi in here. It felt like they added him just to make him cross dress again…I find nothing wrong with that. The fans want it, so they get it!

I want more Battling though, that’s the thing that interested me since the beginning. ~_~

I’m liking Shouko. She knows how to keep her man on a leash. Literally.

LOL Poor Yoshii, he got is lifeline stolen from him. If he still eats that piece of bread…my respect for this idiot will drop. It’s low right now because he doesn’t seem to have ZERO interest in Minami! SCREW YOU YOSHII!

At least he has interest in Himeji, he can leave Minami to me! XD

Holy shit did you see that! His camera went limp! LOL There is now a sure way to tell when this guy is excited, he’ll be flashing his hard [camera] in people’s faces. He went limp, that means this dude also has no interest in Minami. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE GUYS!! Oh yeah…Hideyoshi.

“Secret Photo Album”


*ahem* I mean…hey Yoshii…that’s gay.

Yoshii learns that women are money hungry fiends. Because of them he won’t be able to indulge in his video games, Hideyoshi Photo Album, nor food necessities. What a lucky bastard. Lucky? Yes lucky, in return for losing those things, he gets to hang out with Himeji AND Minami. YOU LUCKY IDIOT!!

He realizes this, he knows this can be considered a date. Damn it, he failed me. THIS IDIOT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO REALIZE IT!

But at the end of the day, he an idiot after all. When he saw Himeji holding that love letter he orz’ed because he’s an idiot who failed to realize who that letter is for.




I love Minami. I can’t say much about her school subject preference…math is alright, but headache inducing. But what I like about her is her hair. THAT’S RIGHT! HER HAIR! It’s cute. Also, I like the contrast between her hair color and eye color. It really stands out and draws your eyes to her. But that’s no match for Himeji’s bewbs, which attracts most eyes. Yes, mine included ~_~

Mizuhashi Kaori voicing her is icing on the cake~<3

P.S:The Fountain. -_-

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