Omamori Himari – Limit Reached

Hmm…you know, I’m not really a fan of Omamori Himari. It’s ridden with cliches I’ve seen waaaay too many times. And like Kurogane, the main lead’s voice kinda pisses me off, for the same reason as his. -_- I was only watching this for Himari. I like how she looks and her voice is also love~ Koshimizu Ami was saving the anime for me! XD

But I think I’m reaching my limits…one of my most hated cliches keeps appearing over and over. Yes, girls keep falling for this guy simply for being nice…and a fucking wuss. And this third ep was basically the same thing again…that Water demon joins the harem. Count now at 3. ”’orz

By the way, her ‘nano’ feels so outta place. It’s supposed to be cute, but it’s, like she forces that ‘nano’ to be in there. ~_~

The addition of the third member means more competition for the girls and more cliche for the anime. She’s the bride type, who knows how to cook, wash, clean, and seduce. Himari is not amused:

And neither am I. I don’t think I’ll be continuing with this series. Well, this episode treated me to sword wielding neko-mimi maid Himari so I can say this ep was good for something~


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