53RG10’s Top Ten Anime Song {Fall ’09}

Alright time for moar favorite anime songs. The more I do this, the less I have to say about the songs. I feel like I’m repeating myself over and over, making me delete text I think or may have already said previously. -_-

A bit late, okay, VERY late, but here are my favorite opening and endings for the Fall of 2009~

10 – Jellyfish no Kokuhaku – Nakajima Meguni

Kobato. ED
To be honest, I don’t really have much to say about this song. Nakajima Megumi songs tend to be like or hate with me…actually, ALL songs are either hit or miss…and I just happened to like this one. It’s not bad, but in my honest opinion, not great either. So let’s start the list with this one!


09 – Touen no Ketsugi -Touen no Chikai- – Katakiri Rekka

Shin Koihime Musou OP
And now we move to something more…how should I say…shounen-ish?

There’s a simple reason why I like this song. I’m a simple guy. That reason is, this song is a song sung right before heading into battle. It tells of how far she [the singer in this case] will fight along with her war buddy…even to the point of exhaustion, she’ll continue ’till the end!

Besides, I like it when song fit the anime they go with, in this case Shin Koihime Musou, an anime that was pretty stupid but fun to watch. IMO Koihime Musou could do better with more fights and all…they are from The Twelve Kingdoms… -_-


08 – Magic Number – Sakamoto Maaya

Kobato. OP
You know, it has been a while since I listened to a Sakamoto Maaya song I REALLY like. I mean, ‘Triangler’ and ‘Saigo no Kajitsu’ are good songs, but they don’t make me want to sing along [in my head] along with them. Well, ‘Saigo no Kajitsu’ once in a while, you know being a slower song, the type I tend to like…

But music taste changes according to my mood and for this past Fall ’09 season, I really liked the cutsey type of songs. And this one I say is pretty cute/catchy…mostly ’cause I picture Kobato running around like she does in the OP! ^_^


07 – JUSTICE of LIGHT – Goujou Mayumi

The Sacred Blacksmith OP
I’m seeing a trend here. It’s cute song, shounen song, cute song, and now another shonen-like song.

But this one I like because it reminds me of one of my favorite characters in 2009, Cecily Campbell!! Loved Cecily, her Knight Spirit and the oh so moe inducing reactions were pure love~<3 And this song really fits her and the anime. She may be a Knight in training, but she will do whatever it takes to uphold her chivalry!

Good thing the song is actually pretty good IMO.


06 – Miracle Happy Day – Toyosaki Aki

The Sacred Blacksmith ED

Another cutsey song, this time from the very sweet and cute singing voice of Toyosaki Aki~

I actually wasn’t sure if I wanted to include this song or not. It is catchy and fits the voice Toyosaki Aki has, but I then I payed a listen to her new single “Love Your Life” and was blown away. It did not sound like THIS Toyosaki Aki, but more mature. A huge difference! But if I have to be honest, I say this song [Miracle Happy Day] is a bit better than “Love Your Life” simply because I’m a moetard!

Besides, it’s very catchy~


05 – Strawberry -Amaku Setsunai Namida- Imai Asami
Nyankoi! ED
You may know Imai Asami if you’re acquainted with THE iDOLM@STER, she’s in some anime too…but mostly as background characters.

Anyways, her performance in THE iDOLM@STER are good, some people consider Kisaragi Chihaya the best of the idols. But I wasn’t too impress, though I admit there are some very good songs sung by her. But this song, this song made me pay a bit more attention to Imai Asami, enough to spot her in Shin Koihime Musou! XD

This song is well done, reminiscent of Kisaragi Chihaya~ and I say that’s good!


04 – only my railgun – fripSide

To Aru Kagaku no RAILGUN OP
The blitz loop this planet to search a way.
Only my RAILGUN can shoot it
ima sugu~

I have absolutely no idea what that sentence means, but I love singing that part because I f’ck up a lot! I’m not really fond of fripSide and their [?] fast pace singing, but I can get behind ‘only my railgun’. Let’s just say I’m biased because I love the anime To Aru Kagaku no Railgun~


03 – Arrival of Tears – Ayane
11eyes OP
I can say with confidence, Give a song sung by Ayane and chances are I will like it. I have yet to listen to a song by Ayane I didn’t like. And when I heard she was going to sing the OP for 11eyes, I squealed. And sure enough, I liked the song~

What I like about Ayane most are her lyrics, they’re usually a bit dark, with words such as Oblivion, isolation, and darkness. But still, her lyrics tend to end in a positive note. I got a surprise when I heard her sing in the “QUE Perfect Vocal Collection” where she sung more lighter songs~<3 Great album by the way ;)


02 -Dear My Friend -Mada Minu Mirai he- – ELISA
To Aru Kagaku no RAILGUN ED
I love the message of this song. And I’m entranced with ELISA’s voice. Her songs sound kinda the same…but the lyrics and messages behind her songs are what I like.

ELISA tends to have an English version for some of her singles…like the ones in the ef anime series. This single came with an English version, though it’s named “SMILE -You & Me”. I rather listen to her sing in Japanese, but this one is rather nice~


01 – Tsukiakari no Michishirube – stereopony
Darker than Black -Ryuusei no
Futago- OP
This is no surprise right? It’s funny how I tend to have little to nothing to say about my highest ranking songs…this song is no different.

I mean, I LOVE the song, I LOVE the voice, and I LOVE the rhythm. But that can also apply to any other song here in the list…this is number one simply because I don’t really know much from stereopony…making it a fresh listen for my ears.

But that’s not a bad thing~

Honorable Mentions:

Akai Ito – Suara [White Album 2 ED]
Mugen – Mizuki Nana [White Album 2 OP]
Baby Universe Day – Uchida Aya & Gouda Aya [Kiddy GiRL-AND OP]
Magic Number – Sakamoto Maaya [Kobato. OP]
NYANDAFUL! – Sakakibara Yui [Nyan Koi! OP]

P.S: Doesn’t this look cluttered up? If you guys think it does, I’ll try a new styling format for next time…

5 thoughts on “53RG10’s Top Ten Anime Song {Fall ’09}

  1. I totally agree with this list. 11eyes OP really is good but too bad the show sucks. Also, the 11eyes game song is sung by Ayane too and it’s awesome.

    • 11eyes was entertaining for me, and that’s enough to warrant it a ‘good’ rating. If the ending wasn’t a reset-like ending. It might have gotten a higher rating!

      But the OP song is definitely something to talk about!

  2. Good line-up you’ve got there! And I agree with your statement regarding “Dear My Friend -Mada Minu Mirai he-“. The music isn’t anything special but it’s the message behind the lyrics and how ELISA delivers it that counts. This made me like “SMILE – You & Me” even more because that version has the added factor of good music. Now if only ELISA would perform a Japanese version of that…

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