53RG10 Not Updating Blog? Blame Melative


Wow, it’s been what, TWO weeks since I have some sort of content here? And even the archives before those two weeks show a drop in blog posts [The Twelve Moments don’t count]. It kinda feels like I stopped watching anime right? Well no, I’m still watching anime and keeping up with the current seasons. It’s just that one website has taken my will to blog about what I’m watching…and that site is Melative. You may remember I did a post on Melative a while back: LINK HERE.

Since then, I’ve been using it for the majority of my anime watching experience. You can see my stream here and see all the anime/manga I’ve scrobbled…that fancy Melative talk for updated. See, the thing is, once I update something there, it’s also updates in Twitter [and FaceBook but I don’t really use that -_-]. That’s three places already…so I feel too lazy to come here and write a post and add to the redundancy. -_- And because of my laziness, Open Your Mind has been slowly dying… :(


Yes, I want to bring this slowly dying small corner of the internet back to life! To do so, I’m gonna experiment a bit, if it succeeds, awesome, but if it fails, who cares right? ~_~

What I’ll do is do some sort of pseudo live blogging. Rather than wait for an episode to end and then writing something [if I have something to say], I’ll keep a text file open and write down stuff as things are happening. Taking screen shots along the way.

Then when the episode is done, I can update Melative the way I’ve been doing and have a text file filled with material I can use to make a post. A quick COPY PASTA and some QUICK EDITING, BAM! a blog post is born!

Yeah, I’ll try that.

P.S: By the way, remember those galleries I’ve been posting? No? Well, I’ll stop that. It was a dumb idea. -_-

7 thoughts on “53RG10 Not Updating Blog? Blame Melative

  1. I tried this once but after watching, I didn’t understand anything in the show. So I just read what I typed and sometimes, I’m too lazy to read what I typed so I’ll just rewatch the episode. /fail

  2. lol, yes, the ease of social blogging can kill blogs (WATCH OUT). Actually, while melative does log stuff watched etc, the initial goal of the stream was to prevent the kind of shit that happens on twitter; people update without a care of who has watched something or not… spoiling/spamming. I really disliked it… Though not all the streams on melative are automatically unspoiled, things like the firefox extension and the xul app can help (auto-unspoiling exists in a few of the api methods though).

    Generally I found this a problem as well, but I don’t often blog episodes on my own blog (mind you I’ve been using melative since early 2007, and been building it to cater to such things like episodic social blogging)…. but, one tip is to use the !hidden tag which will keep your updates in your own inbox, that way they do serve more as “notes” but you can still permalink them I believe. (A ton of my updates are !hidden btw… there is also !friends !followers !users !everyone …. this was part of the system since June 09).

    But yes, don’t get too dependent on melative (like so many have become on twitter) for “publishing.” Reactions or little spasms are cool, but if you want to episodic blog, it’s really best done on your blog :)

    WordPress has no min/max post length :) I’m not going against melative, I like seeing the activity stream with or without text updates, but in the end, I highly advocate the open medium which is blogging :)

    Oh, and btw… check out the /blogged action in the melative stream… that is something that will gain extra site-points that regular action-updating. hehe

    • I know about the Twitter spoilers, Panther always screams at me when I spoil something he hasn’t seen…

      The !hidden tag does seem like a good idea, but isn’t there a text limit? Or can you write how much as one wants in the input box?

      Every time I start it up FF and the Melative extension, I gotta go to the Tools and click on “Unspoil”, is there a way to keep it like that. I want it to always show what people scrobble rather than having to scroll over the text.

      • The microblog has two type of tags, #tags and !tags. The difference being that !tags are taken out of the message before posting, and some of the !tags do more than tagging. (There is another kind of tagging as well that allows spaces)

        The text limit is “loose” and I think it’s a better preference for clients to limit the length than the service. There still is a message length, but it’s around 250 characters, excluding the title. We don’t count the titles as character length, because titles may be of varying length, hence you get 250 characters for the message, regardless of title. This was another thing I hated about twitter, stuffing all the context (title) into the message forces people to use abbreviations and #concatenatinghashtags. Garbage. Twitter isn’t setup for this kind of thing, nor does it log things in a library.

        Yes, the extension needs some more work, the last release didn’t include what I wanted, but the spoiling toggle is supposed to stick in preferences. I’ll likely look into that soon, perhaps today (really in need of an update). :)

        Mind you, at some point the unspoil is going to happen automatically, just as it does with the twitter-compatible api (this allows user to use twitter clients with melative). This means that if you haven’t updated on a specific title/episode, you won’t see the text until you log that title/episode. Of course, this will be a preference so if you want the full message, that’s okay :)

        • I’m only limiting myself because Twitter only allows 140 characters…maybe I should just take Twitter off [through Pingfm]. But then again, I don’t blog about every single episode and some updates are only one quick line. ~_~

          Oh, I didn’t know about the pingfm groups feature. ”’orz Gonna have to try that out!

          That unspoil feature sounds pretty awesome!

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