Winter 2010 Anime Preview

Source: Chartfag

The 2009 Fall season has come and gone, and thus it’s time for the Winter to roll in. This post is the newer version of 53RG10’s Top 5 Picks for [Year] [Season] Season. I realize that kind of title is kinda misleading, making the readers think it’s about my favorites of the season and not about the top 5 I look forwards to…took me one year to realize… ”’orz

Anyways, things will be kinda the same, I look at Chartfag’s new chart and pick the anime I look forwards to watching. But this time, I’ll try to say something about all of them, if only a sentence, since there’s only a handfull of anime coming in Winter 2010.

Let’s begin.


  • I saw the PV for it an it looked interesting. There was some fighting and crazy sh’t going on so I think I’ll pick this one up. It says it’s from the creators of Bacanno!! so it should be good. Also, I heard Hanazawa Kana in there~ ;)
    Dance in the Vampire Bund

  • This seems to be the anime for Winter 2010. SHAFT is behind the animation so I’m ready to be SHAFT’ED. I don’t recall having seen a good vampire anime, so this may be a treat for vampire fans like me!
    Hanamaru Kindergarten

  • I intend to give every anime a try, but just looking at it, I think I might drop and forget about it after a while.
    Nodame Cantabile Finale

  • Sh’t, I just said I’ll try to watch the first ep of every anime but here comes one that I won’t. I haven’t seen the prequel so I won’t watch this. -_- If you guys recommend it, I’ll watch the prequel. Maybe.
    Gag Manga Biyori+

  • Just reading the synopsis makes me wanna think twice about this. I like random senseless stuff…but I dunno if I’ll feel like it this Winter season. I wasn’t even up of Zan Sayonara Sensei despite liking the first two seasons…maybe I’ll watch that instead of Gag Manga Biyori. It says it’s a sequel…so I guess it’s a pass…
    Qwaser of Stigmata

  • “…draws his power from breast milk.” … … I WTF’d.
    Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

  • Taking over a better class because you can’t pass a test? Dude just freakin’ study! And lol @ summoning beasts, I WTF’ed. But I hear [from my brother] the manga is funny so I’ll give it a try. I predict I won’t last long with this anime.
    Hidamari Sketch X ***

  • It’s Hidamari, AUTOMATIC PASS~!
    Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3

  • F’ck another sequel to which prequel I didn’t see. Pass…
    Ookami Kakushi

  • “…terror and mystery awaits.” Oooh~ sound enticing~
    Rose O’Neill’s Kewpie

    Omamori Himari

  • Hmm…not too sure about this. The thing about spirits, demons, and SWORD WIELDING CAT EARED GIRL calls to me, but it also seems like the main lead, a guy who is protected by said SWORD WIELDING CAT EARED GIRL could be one of those weak pathetic useless guys…but I dunno gotta wait ’till January when it airs…or take a peek at the manga.
    Ladies VS. Butlers!

  • From the small image up there in the chart, the girls look cute~ I might like this because of certain Combat Butler. Add another fighting butler anime to mah list~

  • Hahaha this anime looks dumb and stupid!! Yet, it’s the one I look forward to the most because it’s screams of pantsu fanservice~ OH YEAH!! But if it’s murdered by censors…pass. Or wait ’till DVD/BD version ;)
    Wei Survive R

  • Card Battle? Pass. Oh and it’s yet another sequel to which I haven’t seen the prequel. Pass.
    Kaito Reinya

  • Looks childish. Probably for kids, I haz no interest. Pass
    Heartcatch Precure!

  • OH MY F’CKING GAWD! I’ve wanted to watch Precure ever since I saw THIS IMAGE OF EAS [NSFW]!!! But dammit I haven’t been able to get the first series…oh well, I guess I’ll skip those and watch this…mahou shoujo is love~

That should do for main series, for OVA’s and such, I’ll probably give most of ’em a try since, heh OVA’s tend to be short. So to summarize, these are the five anime I look forward to the most:

  • Chu Bra!! – Stupid but oh man PANTIES~
  • Dance in the Vampire Bund – Vampires + Loli + SHAFT = WIN[?]
  • SO RA NO WO TO – I am a moetard and I ain’t afraid to admit it!
  • Hidamari Sketch X *** – TOUZEN DA YO~

6 thoughts on “Winter 2010 Anime Preview

  1. KAito Reinya…. is a must watch for me … as it has a Morning Musume in it :lol: …. and it is only 5 -10 minutes long anyway…
    my list this winter is small…
    the same as yours, minus Chubra

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