Twelve Anime Moments of ’09 – #02

#02 – Burning it With Fire

/me suppresses urge to squeal

Episode 19 of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the BADASSERY OF ROY MUSTANG!

This episode was awesome, the best episode so far IMO. And the star of the episode was the Flame Alchemist Roy Mustang, showing TWO badass moments! The first one was when fighting lust in that storage-like room [with the help of Havoc]. He was drenched in water and rendered useless, but that didn’t stop Mustang. He turned all that water into hydrogen and blew up the room, Lust along with it. Feeling confident with their victory, they let down their guard, long enough for Lust to regenerate and stab Havoc. Mustang shoot at her and launches himself to catch a feel on Lust breasts and freakin PULLS OUT THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE WITH HIS BARE HANDS!!!!

But Lust regenerates RIGHT ON HIS HANDS, and stabs him too, leaving him for dead.

But Mustang wasn’t done, he BURNED HIS OWN WOUNDS to close them up and managed to get to Lust before she took care of Hawkeye. Following was the #2 Anime Moment in 2009, Mustang didn’t give a f’ck anymore and let loose, bombarding Lurst with explosion after explosion until she died! And dang, she almost had him but Roy stood his ground and managed to tall all of Lust’s remaining lives at the nick of time!

I GAR’d.

P.S: Screenshot shamlessly stolen from Random Curiosity

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