Twelve Anime Moments of ’09 – #05

#05 – Chikura Nao Brokenhearted

Chikura’s story was touching enough while reading the manga…but with the added help of of marble’s Sora ni Mau playing in the background, her story was made that much more touching and memorable. Chikura experience her fist love…and her first heartbreak. Whenever I look back to Hatskoi Limited, the episode I’ll recall first, will be this sweet and sad episode {09}.

— From “The Episode We’ll Remember

Just remembering it gives me the same bittersweet feeling I had when I first watched it. ;_;

5 thoughts on “Twelve Anime Moments of ’09 – #05

  1. That episode alone was the best thing to come out of Hatsukoi because everything about it was pitch-perfect. If only more of the series was like that, but I’ll take the enjoyment where I can.

  2. I actually thought that episode was a little too heavy-handed and lacks some of the subtlety that we saw in the series for the other pairings. Still very good and one of my favorite things about Hatsukoi Limited.

  3. Without a doubt, the best story to come out of Hatsukoi, imho. Chikura’s has always been my favorite. Guess my weakness for melodrama sap-done-right drew me in. ^^

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