Twelve Anime Moments of ’09 – #07

#7 – Rika Says Bernkastel

This post explains it all! ;)

I still don’t know whether Rika is Bernkastel or not…all those comments on that post just confused me even more…IF she’s the manifestation of all the Rika souls from all those Higurashi resets…isn’t she technically Rika?

6 thoughts on “Twelve Anime Moments of ’09 – #07

  1. I think that Frederica Bernkastal is a part of Rika, but is also a seperate being all her own. She is basically a manifestation of Rika’s split personality. Without “Frederica” then Rika is basically just a little girl with a heavy past.

  2. You can’t know it yet for sure. All you can do for now is try to follow the Sn of umineko and watch higurashi ones to have a theory.

    Maybe at the end of umineko , even further we will have a solution

  3. Sorry if my english is not very good xD, I think, Frederika Bernkastel is Rika Furude in the astral world and Rika is the manifestation or the container of Bernkastel in the phisical world, I mean, Bernkastel is the cleavage of Rika.

  4. In the higurashi manga, Minagoroshi-hen’s begining, Bernkastel is talking with rika looking exacly like her. I kinda think she is Rika’s other personality since Bernkastel said that “we are the only beings who can remember all this” implying that Bernkastel is with Rika all the time during the tradigies of showa 58.

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