Twelve Anime Moments of ’09 – #08

#08 – Asphard Cuts off Her Hand … WITH BULLETS

I wish I had screenshots… -_-

This was a total HOLYSHITBADASSERY moment. Just thinking about the pain Asphard must have endured while CUTTING HER ARM BULLET BY BULLET as she was dangling from the side of a train and A LOOOONG WAY DOWN is enough to make me quinch. Her badassery doesn’t end there…not only did she survive the pain or from blood loss [maybe], she freakin’ survives that LOOOONG WAY DOWN to come and terrorize again!


4 thoughts on “Twelve Anime Moments of ’09 – #08

  1. Ah, yes, that scene is shocking but the most creepy thing about it is when I ask myself ‘What if Alphard’s gun run out of ammo and her arm were still not completely torn apart?’ I’m fainting…

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