Twelve Anime Moments of 2009

I was internet-less for two days so I couldn’t start this at the day it was supposed to begin…but dammit, I’m gonna do this!

These Twelve Anime Moments of 2009 idea spawned from CCY’s Post. It’s simple, for the next twelve eleven days I’ll make a post about a memorable moment in anime. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an anime from 2009, but an anime I’ve watched in 2009. This is my first time doing it so the moments may be ‘meh’ to you guys…also, I didn’t watch as much anime as I did the years before so there really isn’t that many awesome moments… -_-

And so, since I’m late, I’ll post TWO of them in this post right here. I already have all 12 moments written down, so think I should get to writing the others so I won’t be late again. This is where scheduled post will come in handy…if I do it right…anyways, LET’S GET STARTED!

#12 – Jessica’s Facelift

Holy f*cking sh!t…what a way to start the list…

When I thought of Umineko, I thought of UUU~ UUU~ and the parenting ways of Rosa…that mother and daughter fight, when was it, forget what episode, between Rosa and Witch UUU~ UUU~ was the one scene I was gonna remember…but the most recent episode I’ve watched (24) blew the scene out of mind.

Watching Jessica and George fight against those demons and actually giving up a fight gave me the impression of the good guys winning, but then, BAM the bad guys use their hidden Trap Card and that sense of hope for the good guy’s win was shattered in a second…just like Jessica’s face!

Dang man…that sh!t haunts my dreams now…not really, I can’t remember what I dream. I don’t really care what goes on in Umineko, but scenes like that make it worth the watch!

#11 – NEEDLESS Ending Sequence

This ending took us by surprise. Here is this GAR anime with over the top insane fighting shouting and POWAR LEVELS…insane sh!t that one will definitely remember…but then comes the ED and it’s delicious pantsu and yuri and all you remember afterward is said ED and it’s delicious pantsu and yuri.

The anime itself is pretty damn entertaining, but if there’s anything to remember, it’s that delicious yuri filled ending sequence…and I LOVED IT!

EDIT: Now ain’t that a b!tch…SCHEDULED POST FAILED! This was supposed to be published the 15th to be caught up, TWO HOURS MORE DAMMIT!! Now I’m ahead by one…FFFFFFFFFFFF

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