Kiddy GiRL-AND – Voyeurism

Hey, the director is actin’ a bit strange…LET’S SPY ON HER!

This would be the time the ladies understood the situation and clear their misunderstanding, leaving the director and secretary to enjoy their time. Oh but where is the fun in that? HORMONES CURIOSITY GETS THE BEST OF THEM~

Never too young ;)

*Heat detected*

That was, once again, so damn fun to watch!

Being a two part episode, the fun didn’t end there. Next the girls head on over to a Seiyuu cafe where the customer is allowed to make up a story and choose from the various Voice Actors working at the cafe to act it out…and one of the girls just so happens to be a wild Yaoi and Seiyuu fangirl~

There wasn’t too much Yaoi though, whether that is good or not is up to you, most of it was just implied and the fun was from having a few male Voice Actors, like Shiraishi Minoru and Emperor God Norio Wakamoto, being made fun of.

All Ascouer cares about is her Cake~

There was this certain [male] character that perked my ears a bit when I heard him speak, I dunno why but whenever he spoke I always imagined a backstabbing dude. You know, one of those character who seems good at first, but turns out to be a bad guy later on. Could be wrong, but I think the Voice Actor was Ishida Akira. I don’t know why I think the character could be a backstabbing character when most of the roles he played didn’t do such a thing. But I imagine it every time a character voiced by Ishida Akira speaks, specifically his more softer “Shuuichi Natori” [Natsume Yuujinchou] voice…

That includes Amakawa Tsukasa from Shugo Chara!!!

/me runs away from Raging Shugo Chara fans.

5 thoughts on “Kiddy GiRL-AND – Voyeurism

  1. Akira Ishida was Top, the younger-looking one who was attending Alisa. He’s also the voice of Un-ou from Kiddy Grade who has yet to appear in the sequel. I often see him type-cast as the white-haired bad guy (Kaworu from Evangelion, Satoshi from D.N.Angel, Nagi from My-HiME, Fate from Negima..) although in terms of his overall career those roles are probably in the minority. I was still surprised that he wasn’t voicing Accelerator in Index though.

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