Favorite Shameimaru Aya Image EVAR!

Click Image for Original Size: 3355×2365 [3.7MB]

Oh wow, this image takes my breath away! It’s so awesome! Seriously, I saw this image and instantly loved it! The artist, Rokutawa Tomoe, did a very amazing job illustrating Shameimaru Aya, one of my favorite Touhou characters. The shading, coloring, and lines looks amazing, but my favorite part of the whole image is Aya’s expression. It has that mischievous and flirty look~

I’ve said this before, but I’ll echo it here:

For some reason, I REALLY like Shamemeimaru Aya…I may not know much about her, as I don’t play much Touhou games, but I REALLY like her. I wanna say it’s her black wings, I wanna say it’s her short hair, I wanna say it’s her overall sexiness, but I have to say that’s it’s her simple design that I like. She doesn’t have much flare, nothing about her clothes is gaudy nor loud, she’s just very pleasing to the eyes! ;)

Yes, VERY pleasing to the eyes~ This will become my next wallpaper, I want her looking at me like that EVERYDAY~ [until I change it again >_>]

If you haven’t already, I recommend you see the FULL SIZE of the image.

One thought on “Favorite Shameimaru Aya Image EVAR!

  1. The thing I like the most about Aya pictures is that she’s almost always flying, meaning that we get treated to pleasant backgrounds and lighting as well. Of course, that’s just the icing on the cake :P

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