[Filler] 53RG10’s Favorite Images #03

.: Mini God :.


.: Sakuya :.

moe 103329 garter_belt izayoi_sakuya jpeg_artifacts motomiya_mitsuki nipples no_bra pantsu stockings thighhighs topless touhou

Don’t know much about the Touhou franchise, but I know enough to love Maid Sakuya and awesome time stopping POWARS. And damn, this image is so damn hot~

P.S: I forgot to rename the image and all the moe.imouto tags came with it… ”’orz

.: Censoring Done RIGHT :.

Image links to a REALLY BIG image.


If you know me, you know I hate censorship, especially on pretty damn awesome images that are a bit on the risque side ;) So when the artist is made [by law] to censor his image, I’m glad some of them are INGENIOUSLY AWESOME enough to think of making a simple band-aid ONE OF THE MOST SEXIEST THINGS EVAR INVENTED~

Other artist use a similar tactic, TASTEFULLY covering up the are in a way that makes it a lot more arousing than if it was shown full blown~

.: PhotoShop Done RIGHT :.



I came buckets.

I also have one of Hinagiku…but I’m POSITIVE you guys don’t wanna see that. It’s all about the Hamster love~

.: Heard you liek Tits :.


Fuck. -_- I’m starting to think these final images are too much…well, this is for manga ;)

3 thoughts on “[Filler] 53RG10’s Favorite Images #03

  1. The real life version was worse to see :p

    Otherwise, nice collection.

    Don´t try to gross me out. It can´t get any worse than Bondage game and one particular image that I want to erase from my mind. Or multiple ones rather…

      • That my friend is something you have to decide on your own :)

        WTF images are good to spread the word on how freakinsh people are. I just say thank God most of these images stay in 2d form.

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