[Filler] 53RG10’s Favorite Images #03

.: Artistic Image :.


Wow, this image looks pretty damn amazing. But I don’t really see the Yui in her. ~_~ Then again, she’s stripping somewhere not her house so yea…that may be it.

.: MOE MOE~ :.


“Don’t pet me~”


.: Pretty Image :.


I throw around the word moe whenever I think something is cute, but sometimes moe isn’t good enough. This image is pretty, yes pretty, not moe/cute, but pretty! You know I use the term moe to mean a non-sexual attraction.

BUT JUST LOOK AT THIS GIRL! HER FACE, EYES, BODY, AND HAIR! She’s so damn pretty~ And 100% honest, what I like most is her hair, it matches her face and eyes oh so very well~

.: Striped Pantsu :.


This image is not only awesome because of striped panties, but also because it has a nice delicious ass~

I think I finally know what it is I like about striped panties, It’s the way the lines curve along the voluptuous ass it’s accompanied with, you don’t really see that with normal panies~

.: Komaki Manaka~♥ :.


You know what’s weird? This is my third installment of whatever the hell it is I’m doing, and have yet to post an image of Komaki Manaka…WHAT BLASPHEMY HAVE I BEEN DOING!? I vow from now on, these post will have at least one Komaki Manaka image…hell, I have a shit load of them to choose from~!

.: LOL :.


Rika: “Hanyuu and my feelings are connected,”
Hanyuu: “?”
Hanyuu: “!?” [Hot~]
Hanyuu: “♥”
Rika: “…”
Hanyuu: “H…hey, what…what are you doing Rika? Stop it! Auu~♥”

.: WTF :.




That rod always wanted it, she/he was always hard~

3 thoughts on “[Filler] 53RG10’s Favorite Images #03

  1. The real life version was worse to see :p

    Otherwise, nice collection.

    Don´t try to gross me out. It can´t get any worse than Bondage game and one particular image that I want to erase from my mind. Or multiple ones rather…

      • That my friend is something you have to decide on your own :)

        WTF images are good to spread the word on how freakinsh people are. I just say thank God most of these images stay in 2d form.

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