Happy Halloween 09~


It’s the stroke of Midnight here, so it’s officially Halloween~ Ooooh~~

Well, as usual, I don’t have anything planned for Holloween, save for the image up there! I’ve been working on it for a while, yay for planning [like this post, it’s scheduled {I hope}], I gave myself a quick jump start so I wouldn’t have to rush it and so I could have enough time to mess around/experiment with the coloring and shading…but then PhotoShop ups and becomes a b!tch and decides not to start anymore. I was almost done with it, the background was coming out nicely too…but I lost it and had to settle for GIMP, where I made that background up there you see. :(

But I like it, I managed to finish it with time to spare~

I hesitate to write “Happy” and “Halloween” in the same sentence…HALLOWEEN IS SUPPOSED TO SCARE THE SH!T OUTTA YOU!

Well, I hope you have have a Happy Halloween~

suisei_happy TRICK OR TREAT!!

Make it a treat please!

Hehehe~ I hope you guys like my costume! It’s a bit chilly, but I like it! It fits the scary Halloween…kinda!

suisei_happy I also wanna wish you guys a happy and safe Halloween~

Ah, also, here’s a Halloween song, from Umineko no Naku Koro ni “Happy Halloween Maria” [I hope the scheduling works]

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 09~

    • Suisei is the only one with Heterochromia. ~_~

      And yeah, I like heterochormatic eyes, like Yuna’s [FFX], Suisei/Sousei-seki [Rozen Maiden], Kogasa [Touhou 12], Vivio [Mahou Shoujo Nanoha], and the like! ^_^

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