To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – Touma Died of Moe



I like the Mikoto X Touma scenes, they’re just plain awesome. Not only do we get a comedy duo, we got a massive amount of tsundere out of Misaka and a fight afterwards! Of course, our Electric Goddess always ends up losing the match! This encounter, we get to see Mikoto use her abilities like we’ve never seen before. [Well, I’ve seen it before…in the Railgun manga.]





Mikoto never seems to use anything other than her biribiri lighting on every opponent she faces. But since Touma is a special case, Misaka has no choice but bring out all her trump cards. Makes me wonder if she practiced/studied doing this iron-sand-sword just to defeat Touma. Railgun didn’t work, lighting didn’t work, how about a razor sharp iron-sand-sword?

And it turns into a whip to boot!




But sorry Mikoto, that super awesome iron-sand-sword is rendered useless in the face of the Imagine Breaker! Guess you got to get physical:




lol Sorry again Mikoto!

But you know, you have something that can make him lose, that’s right, your womanly tears will stop this dude!




I died of Moe too~

Of course Biribiri’s pride won’t accept this as a win. And that’s why we lover her~


suisei_happy While 53RG10-sama is there enjoying the Mikoto X Touma scenes, I’m enjoying the appearance of Nugi-onna, ah!, it’s not because she’s undressing, but because she’s the meat of the Railgun plot! Just looking at her makes me look forward to next episodes.
suisei_happy But by looking at the preview, we’re gonna have to wait a bit more for the story to kick in. Next up we have the side story of Uiharu and her time at the Judgment Training Academy. Which is fine because one of the reason we love Railgun is because they focus on the characters a bit more than Index did.
suisei_hehe Uhh…I don’t remember the real name academy, so let’s just call it Judgement Training Academy!

5 thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – Touma Died of Moe

  1. It’s funny that Mikoto has no qualms whatsoever in using lethal-level force against Touma. I think she’s half-expecting that he’d save his own behind.

    Biri-biri + Touma = automatic win!

  2. I loved this episode. They hit on a TON of plot threads from the manga storyline. It did really well keeping the scientist and the rumors in the picture. But the animators did that cause they focused in on the Touma x/vs Misaka relationship. It’s fun looking at Index series and Railgun seeing how well it crosses over and gives explanation for how their relationship first started out.

  3. Well this couple is awesome, if only Misaka would just confessed her love already, she realizes she loves him in the novels, but isnt confident to confess because of all the high quality girls that also love Touma.

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