[Filler] 53RG10’s Favorite Images #02

.: Proof of Perversion :.


You know how much of a pervert you are when you know who the character is just by a simple, yet AWESOMELY HOT, image like this! I saw the colors and instantly thought, “Oooh~ Youmu~!!!”

P.S: There’s a full image for this, but if you REALLY like the one I showed…don’t look at this one… >_>

.: Awesome Censor :.


Sometimes, the way the image is censored is what makes it A LOT hotter than it would be if it wasn’t censored! A censoring technique I’ve REALLY taken a liking to, is the use of band aids! ;)

But a cat tail is fine too!

.: Requested Loli :.


I have failed to deliver last time…BUT I SHALL NOT FAIL THIS TIME!

Also, here’s a little extra for ya lolicons. Seriously…they’re EVERYWHERE! CLICKITY CLICK

.: PhotoShopping: Doing it Wrong 1:.



.: PhotoShopping: Doing it Wrong 2:.


WHAT BLAS…hmm…in a way…this is OK. Futanari are interesting, maybe I should write a bit on that. Soon.

Ah, by the way, here’s the original: CLICK ME : Uhh…I’m not sure though…I forgot which was the original…”’orz

.: X LULZ :.


There’s gotta be one in every gallery, wasn’t sure which one to show ya, so I went with the most disturbing one… ~_~

8 thoughts on “[Filler] 53RG10’s Favorite Images #02

  1. So far so good. No nipples turning brown or anything else like I´ve seen so no worries with me.

    Nice collection again :)

    For some odd reason there are a lot of people who wants to see their DFC with huge knockers and some people bring them to life. Was it rule 34 it was called? Anything that can arouse someone is on the net and exists.

    • Nipples turning brown? WTF!? I’ll add one of those next gallery just for you! ;)

      Also, Rule 34 is “If it exists, there’s pr0n of it, no exceptions.”

      I don’t think Rule 34 applies to that image, it’s just a PhotoShop gone wrong!

      • Well, it was more of them being something else than nipples :p And I do not want to see that again. Just makes me want to hurl.

        And I had missunderstood rule 34. But it was almost correct :)

        And photoshop gone wrong? Yeah, we can leave it at that :p

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