Top 5 Anime Picks for Fall 2009 Season


For the upcoming season, I’m planning on watching less anime than ever so I can have time to do other stuff, mostly studying {Japanese, PhotoShop, Blender, among other things}. I dunno if it’ll be only these five picks, but I’m planning on watching a minimum of 10. That’s about half of what I usually watch…heh, not like I wrote about them anyways…which I’m hoping will change.

These are the ones I look forward to the most.

A Certain Scientific Railgun


There wasn’t enough Misaka Mikoto in To Aru Majutsu no Index…heck, there was barely enough title character…but this, this should satisfy my Mikotoism!



If I was a girl, I would be squealing with joy and fangirling over Kobato right about now, I’m trying very hard to suppress those urges. That should tell you just how excited I am for Kobato! ^_^ This should satisfy the fangirl in me and my moe needs.

Added plus for having loli voice of Hanazawa Kana as Kobato~!



Hmmm…I was a bit hesitant on adding this to my picks, seeing as it’s a visual novel turn anime. Though some vn -> anime adaptations are good…most are by Key X KyoAni…I can’t help but think this may take the CHAOS:HEAD route…which sucked btw…but heh, I like the game’s OP/ED and some character songs, so yeah, that alone made me want to watch the anime adaptation. =3=

Kiddy Girl-and


Hmmm…I’m not too sure about this one, but having seen Kiddy Grade and liking it…or what I can remember from it…I’ll pick this anime too. Mostly because no other anime on the chart up there screamed at me to watch it…



It had me at Genderbent! XD

Other anime I might watch:

— Darker than Black: Gemini of the Fallen Star. Yin, ’nuff said.
— White Album Finale. Watched first, might as well watch the second…
— Seitokai no Ichizon. Hmm…harem? Won’t watch if it is…but interested for now.
— Nyan Koi! . The main guy can hear pussies talk, he must fulfill their wishes or he becomes a pussy…LOL WATCHING!
— Shin Koihime Musou. To fill the spot an make it an even ten!

10 thoughts on “Top 5 Anime Picks for Fall 2009 Season

  1. Kampfer had me at “OMFG THAT’S AN AMAZING CAST!”

    Fall season doesn’t seem to interest me that much. Then again, I’m probably inwardly suppressing some interest in a few series because I have to go through college application and a ton of stress during the course of this season. Still will watched Kobato and Armed Librarians…might pick up Kimi no Todoke since I’m a Production I.G. fangirl.

    • The Fall Season has always been the season I look forward to, and with Kobato and Railgun in the line up, I’m looking forward to this Fall Season if only for those two!

      Armed Librarian, it dropped me at “book are crystallized forms of the dead”…will give it a try though. As for Kimi ni Todoke, I’m gonna have to pass it up because I’m scared the Sadako look alike will come out of the computer screen.

  2. I like gender bender stuff, but Kampfer didn’t please me unfortunately x_x

    Hmmm . . . in your list, the one I got most interested in is 11 eyes. But our top 5’s have been very different. But still, a nice list ^^

  3. Don´t have anything special planned. Some series that I should follow are second seasons or whatnot to other series. Railgun is one must see, 11Eyes is also one.

    But after that I don´t know the names so I can´t say :p I´ll watch what I watch and that´s that.

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