Valkyria Chronicles – Screw You Squad 7!


You’ve been treating every member in your squad like a family member. You guys even accepted a Darcsen into your group…sans Rosie, until Isara’s death…you didn’t care who it was, if they are in your squad, you treated him/her like a friend, then Alicia shows some Valkyria powers SAVING YOUR LIVES and all of a sudden you wonder if it’s the same Alicia as always? You don’t know what to say to her? You’re scared of approaching her? You think she’s a monster? SCREW YOU SQUAD 7! >:(


*sigh* Yeah, I saw this coming a mile away…but I kinda had hope Squad 7 wouldn’t act like that. >_>

I think the only one I really liked this episode, aside from the obvious Alicia XD, was Faldio. I WTF’ed with what Faldio did, but he had a reasonable, although risky, reason. He wanted to save everyone before Sylvaria came and obliterate them. He was a complete mess, but I think he had no other choice than to do what he did…and is still now wondering if there was some other way.

3 thoughts on “Valkyria Chronicles – Screw You Squad 7!

  1. That’s exactly what I said *nods* I’m happy that someone saw that too. SCREW YOU SQUAD 7!!!!! and I’m hating the “alicia is scary thingie if that brown haired girl” *_*

  2. Well. Given that they have seen both ways. And the fact that she crumbled upon defeating the enemy and defending her friends I think you´d be pretty scared.

    If she can do so much against the enemy, then what will she do against those that do not think like she does?

    Add to this that she has gone from being a optimistic bread baker to something unknown in a short while and most people would be scared since they don´t have any information on how to behave or anything.

    Basic human nature in that aspect is to push the unnormal person away.

    I don´t know how I would react to find someone I´ve know for a long time being someone else I do not know. Above all I would probably be pissed since they didn´t tell me why they were acting like it was nothing before.

    I just feel bad for Welking, he is the only one who is able to look at Alicia the same way and she pushes him away from her? Bad choice.

    And that fat lying pig of a general, can´t his demise come soon? I want to kill him so hard every time I freaking see him.

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