SaiMoe 2009 – I AM BOSS WINS!



HAHAHAAH~~ LOL~~~!!! I really wouldn’t have done this post if not to spite Panther and if not for this:

#BP @ – 08-05-09:

I’m sziur_18

[01:26] [sziur_18] Oh yeah Panther, you said Kana lost the preliminaries right?
[01:27] [Nicolai] Kana is an idiot, but she’s a tough fight
[01:27] [~TsukiumiLove] Not yet.
[01:27] [~TsukiumiLove] She is in the TOURNAMENT.
[01:27] [~TsukiumiLove] What prelims.
[01:27] [~TsukiumiLove] We are already in the first round.
[01:27] [~TsukiumiLove] Today is the second round of the A group.
[01:27] [~TsukiumiLove] Kana is in B.
[01:27] [~TsukiumiLove] Another 3 days away if I am right.
[01:27] [sziur_18] I heard you say she was out…that was a prediction/
[01:27] [sziur_18] ?
[01:28] [~TsukiumiLove] Prediction bordering almost on certainty.
[01:28] [~TsukiumiLove] First round she goes up against Mio.
[01:28] [~TsukiumiLove] From K-ON.
[01:28] [sziur_18] lol
[01:28] [~TsukiumiLove] Last year she pulled off a surprise, no one expected her to go to the third round.
[01:28] [~TsukiumiLove] In the 2nd she won by a scant margin.
[01:28] [~TsukiumiLove] Against what I considered to be a way more popular character.
[01:28] [~TsukiumiLove] I just realized.
[01:28] [~TsukiumiLove] Louise is in C1.
[01:29] [~TsukiumiLove] Fucking sweep time.
[01:29] [Nicolai] HELL YEAH
[01:29] [Nicolai] <3
[01:29] [Nicolai] I didn't saw Kana would be fighting Mio
[01:29] [Nicolai] Poor Kana
[01:29] [sziur_18] I HAZ HOPE FOR TEH BAKA YAROU
[01:29] [sziur_18] just a itsy bitsy bit…
[01:29] [sziur_18] >_>
[01:30] [Nicolai] It’s already been judged who’s the winner of F2
[01:30] [Nicolai] I mean B2
[01:30] [~TsukiumiLove] The bakayarou?
[01:30] [~TsukiumiLove] If you mean Kana.
[01:30] [~TsukiumiLove] You are in otaku denial like this netto shithead here.

[01:31] [Nicolai] Haha
[01:31] [sziur_18] IN DENIAL I SHALL STAY

Note: Unrelated thing deleted…

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