Senjougahara Fascination


Yeah…I forgot to make a post about it…”’orz

Basically, “Senjougahara Fascination” is a movement by us AWESOME people who believe Senjougahara Hitagi of SHAFTed anime Bakemonogatari is an easy candidate, if not THE ONLY candidate, for “Anime Girl of the Year” [2009]! For more details on this, head on over and read Panther’s post.

So to prove one supports the Movement, we must have a Senjougahara Header on our blog. And I did just that. It’s pretty simple though, I’m not a big header making kinda guy. I mostly just crop an image I like…which is why my header seems a bit ‘meh’… >_>

But it is enough to show my Approval of this Movement! Senjougahara Hitagi is hands down the best “Anime Girl of the Year” [2009]! If you agree, join the movement!

P.S: I’ve had a Senjougahara Desktop Wallpaper for over a week now! ;)


8 thoughts on “Senjougahara Fascination

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  2. rah!!! i absolutely love senjougahara!! XD but i don’t have a blog either :( i’m just glad others are just as fascinated by her! :D

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