MAL and Melative’s Simple Difference


I’ve heard of this new service named Melative through IRC and did a quick search..the site I found didn’t quite catch my interest, mainly because it didn’t clearly state what it was really for…or I failed to understand exactly what it’s for… To be honest, I left the page a few minutes later. But then I heard about Melative once again through Twitter and asked a bit more from someone who knows how to use it…who directed me to his own post.

But what exactly is Melative for, how is it different from MAL and why should I use it?

That question ran through my mind as I browsed Melative…after experimenting/trying out with Melative I came up with a simple answer that worked for me. Dunno about you…

Melative: Twitter-like one liners on media.
My Anime List: Archives your anime.

Reading Seinime’s post I was given the impression that Melative does what MAL does with the extra added Twitter-like capabilities…and I would agree. But Melative doesn’t do what MAL does…or what I PRIMARILY use MAL for. And that is archive the anime I’ve seen. Yes, Melative does keep a record of what you are watching, dropped, read, listened, etc. etc. but it doesn’t really tell you what episode you’re on, what episode you dropped the anime on, what chapter you’re reading [of a manga]. Example, I click on my experience menu, click on the anime section, and there, I see the anime I’ve added, but not what episode I’ve watched…IT IS NOT AN ARCHIVE.

Thankfully, I came up with that answer BEFORE I started to manually add everything from MAL…which I was too lazy to even do! ^_^’ I had the thought of adding all the anime I’ve seen/dropped/etc…but I guess I don’t really have to.

Though in the future I might have to since they are still developing it and such feature might come soon… >_>

Thinking about it…does it really matter knowing which episode an anime was dropped on or which chapter a manga was dropped on etc etc?

Anyways, let’s go back to Seinime’s post. I want to point out something from that very persuasive post…not really, I’m simply easily persuaded. Once I read his post, I went back to Melative and signed up to explore it and test it out because the post had pretty picture which easily attracted simple minded me.

What seinime failed to inform was that Melative is not for the faint hearted…or your average Internet user.

Plus, it’s easy to use and much more interactive.


No, Melative is not easy to use…it’s BECOMES easy to use once you get used to it. At first, you’ll be completely lost on how to do stuff. Yes, it’s like Twitter and you can post updates about what you’re doing, easy right? The problem is that if you want to say you are watching an anime episode and have a quick one liner to say…you gotta enter some weird code:

/{action} /{media}/{title}/. {message}

I looked at that and my brain axploded. If someone says it’s easy…they have already gotten used to it and will fail to point out how long it took them to figure it out…seriously, it took me 30 min to try and get Umineko episode 05 in there… >_> I finally asked an got a reply to enter that code up there, though a bit different.

/watched /an/Umineko No Naku Koro ni/05. I hope I did it right.

Yeah, my brain was at ease once I saw I did it correctly. But now that I kinda know how to use it…I clicking around the site and explore more. After a few more minutes of clicking things, I found out that most of the action and media/titles can be added with a few simple clicks. By using the ‘Show Help’ tab on the stream page… WHY DIDN’T THEY POINT ME TO THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE!? ”’orz

I don’t intend to stop using Melative just yet. It’s still in Beta…or is it Alpha?, so there is still a lot more room for improvement and I wanna be there when they happen! ^_^’ Besides, I think I might get used to Twittering Melataving …umm…Updating one liners about what I’m watching/reading/listening/etc. I won’t use Melative for archiving what I’m watching…I’ll leave it to MAL/MALUpdater…but that may change in the future if Melative allows archives ;)

Edit/Update: I just tried out the FireFox extension, man this makes Melative A WHOLE LOT MORE EASIER!!!

7 thoughts on “MAL and Melative’s Simple Difference

  1. Sounds pretty interesting, though I’m always wary of adding yet another site/application/thingy-to-update to my existing repertoire. After all, I could just keep Twitterspamming my one-liners and annoying everyone following me that doesn’t give half a shit about anime. 8D

    • JOIN US. BWAHAHAHAHA! Via some convoluted cross-service logistics I’m able to post from twhirl (client). Also, if I’m on the browser I can cross-post to twitter. Eventually, from twhirl I can post to melative and it’ll post on twitter immediately.

  2. It takes some time to get used to it but it does get easier as you go. I do agree that as of now, Melative isn’t really for archiving just yet, which is why I still use MAL. There’s potential for it though, so I’ll continue using it as well.

  3. Wait for project-code-name-meganekko. I’m developin’!

    On Melative, I didn’t find anything there. Totally user-scaring. I have two points I like there: The command line idea (was it the update-box? i didn’t find it), and that you can tweet a one-liner about what you watched automatically. The second one is actually my own idea, that I got later, but independant from Ryan A.

  4. Yo Yo Yo! haha. Well, the “what episode I’m on” thing is in the backend already. How is that possible? Because if you update through the stream that you watched episode XX of something… it’s totally logged.

    This week we tied that into a “hard” format called segments. See, Melative isn’t about any single medium (anime/manga) it’s about things that yield an experience (mostly focused on entertainment). Anyway, segments are basically the sub-sections of a given work. For anime, that usually means episodes. For manga, chapters. For albums, tracks. See?

    This segment system is now logging and storing the last updated sub-section, as well as indexing counts for each unique segment (for tracks this would show how many times I listened to something XX).

    Today I wrote an importing method on the API which does take those segments and log them, as well as most other experience data (title, state, originally set, last modified, rating, segment, completions). This allows near lossless import of something like a MAL profile.

    The current API pull which renders the experience list does not join the segment table, but it’s a quick mod… think I’ll do it now in fact. XP

    In any case, I totally don’t recommend 1-by-1’ing titles over from MAL, etc to Melative, and it was only a matter of time before deciding on exactly how to parse for import. I’d say within the week there will be a javascript bookmarklet which allows the MAL list to be parsed and put into a form ready for mass importing on Melative.

    Also, @Gargron bumping it to twitter is easy on melative. We integrated Ping.FM a while back, and recently map a twitter API onto the system, which is how ghostlightning can use twhirl for melative and hit twitter instantly all in one message. :)


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