[Filler] Nekkid Yui Artwork

If you came here expecting Hirasawa Yui nekkid, sorry to disappoint…this is about MY OWN character, Yui.
And also, if you came here expecting Nipples and vaginas, sorry to disappoint, I’m not ready to draw that…yet…

Gah, anyways, this is just a filler post showing a new drawing I did. For a while now, I’ve drawn a few images of Suisei and Suisei only…I’ve neglected other characters of mine. And so, I decided to draw somebody else than Suisei, and the lucky…or is it unlucky…candidate was Yui!

Click Image for Full Size

Yui is the second character that I’ve come up with, the first being Naomi. This was back in High School, when I was very into fantasy stuff, like The Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons. I had a story too, but gave that up because I’m not really a writer and thinking about it now…the story idea was kinda stupid! ^_^’ Just take a look at her character sheet I made about two years ago. If interested, this is the VERY FIRST SKETCH, and her supposed to be FINAL VERSION…but all of those don’t matter now. She is no Ninja, she’s not from the Nardrakh Dimension. She is simply a 19 year old Tsundere girl who gets along really well with Naomi! ;)

Anyways, this time around, I wanted to draw something more ‘ecchi’…sans the naughty bits! ;) So I took Yui, Stripped her down, and put her on a bed…no matter how I look at it…that sentence sounded like raep…Especially with her making that face… >_>

Ah!! You know what I forgot? Some blush so she would look embarrassed! ”’orz

One thing I’ve noticed about my drawings is that they aren’t Dynamic, they’re all Static. Static meaning the camera angle is simply right in front of the subject. No 3/4 angle or whatever other angle there are…hmm…gotta keep that in mind the next time I feel like drawing.

Another thing I have to get better at, is shading and lighting. I tried giving it that sense of a dark room with a lamp on the upper right corner…but by the looks of it…it seems I’ve failed to really display that scene. I think it looks better without the filters…though a bit “blah”. >_>

P.S: I was REALLY tempted to add Naomi along with her, but that would mean I would have to remake the whole image and somehow hide the naughty bits, like each other’s hands ;) , but I gave that up. Probably sometime in the future I’ll do it! ;)


2 thoughts on “[Filler] Nekkid Yui Artwork

  1. She is simply a 19 year old Tsundere girl who gets along really well with Naomi!

    Great. If you know what I mean.

    Why not adding the blushing now? You hopefully still have the PSD file? And for shading, there are few thing which I will add a paragraph for:

    1. Don’t rely on filters. Better you make a radiant gradient with opacity on a new layer. 2. Shadows from the lamp are missing. Another one layer (this time hand-drawn though) and not complete opacity. 3. Her overall shading needs more powerz. You add the intensed color too thinly. (And I’d recommend this my technique)

    For everything else, she’s great.

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