Umineko + Higurashi Rei = MINDFUCK’D


Umineko no Naku Koro ni episode 05 was mindfuck enough with that whole other world thing. Then there was that one witch Bernkastel. Who looked and sounded very much like Furude Rika from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. I thought this was just a coincidence so I didn’t think much about it. What was on my mind about the episode was what is going to happen next, a reset a la Higurashi perhaps, and what happened to everyone else. I guess they died, that’s the whole Beatrice coming to life deal…

Anyways, I remembered that I have not seen Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei episode 04 yet, so I went and watched…It too was mindfuck as Rika was stuck in a sinless world and she needed to kill her own mother to go back to the world she fought so hard to get. When she woke up from her ‘dream’, her friends pointed out how Rika was worrying over her choice, whether it was correct or not…something about a worry that only gods should have. She then spilled out a word that triggered something…witch. With that trigger, I literally got on the edge of my seat and read the next line:



That really took me by surprise! If I had seen ep 04 of Higurashi Rei when it came out, I probably wouldn’t have been as surprised by this Bernkastel is Rika thing. This was a coincidentally timed MINDFUCK! lol

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  1. Hmm, I had always thought that Bern and Rika were separate of each other. Extremely similar that they mind as well be the same person, true, but according to what I read on wiki and after watching ep 4 of Rei, on Bern:

    Although she claims that she is not Rika, it’s implied that she is the collective mentality of the several thousand reincarnations of Rika.

    and for Rika, didn’t she mention several times that she was the incarnation of Hanyuu/Oyashiro?

    That’s what confuses me. Then again, if Rika is really Bernkastel and vice versa, it won’t be so surprising that she can continually revive (though only through Hanyuu’s power) since she’s a witch.

    I don’t really know enough about Higurashi (as I didn’t finish watching everything yet) or Umineko to say more but I guess it’s not too wrong to theorize that witches can take on a human form in front of normal people if they fancy the idea. Beatrice just kept her identity as a witch while Bern (if she and Rika are really the same) became a loli. Oic. *shrug*

    …oh, and there’s also the Lamdadelta/Miyo business, too. Wuuuuut. D/ So confusing. Need to read up on this more.

    In any case…witches are awesome. <3

    • After getting my bearings back I realized something:

      Both anime take place in the same era, Higurashi 1983, Umineko 1986…so Rika and Bernkanstel may not really be the same person but the collective reincarnations of Rika like you mentioned…which is still confusing…

  2. In my opinion: Rika –> Bernkastel in the same way Miyo –> Lambdadelta.

    And yes, there will be a reset. Bern herself mentioned that she will be lending her magic of miracles to aid the player (or Battler depending on how you interpret it).

    • Miyo -> Lambdadelta

      I dunno who/what Lambdadelta is… >_>

      Taking a while guess…I’ll say that [Takano] Miyo is also a witch [Lambdadelta]…SPOILAR??

  3. No, miyo isnt lambda…. miyo was belived to be a distant relative of her, eva is probally miyo….
    lambdadelta> satoko houojou

  4. There are many speculations on the Bernkastel/Rika and Miyo/Lambdadelta relationships. It gets even more confusing if you involve Frederica Bernkastel from the Higurashi manga and VN. But from reading a message shown in the Higurashi VN, supposedly written by Frederica Bernkastel, my theory is as follows.

    It’s been outright said that Bernkastel and Rika aren’t the same person, as well as that Frederica and Rika aren’t the same person. But it is clear who Frederica Bernkastel is, as she says so herself in the manga and VN. Frederica is, as people have said, one entity created form the collective reincarnations of Rika. After a scene involving both Frederica and Rika, set right before Minagoroshi-hen, it seems the two merged, creating the adult speaking, somewhat creepy Rika we see in the last two arcs of Higurashi Kai and in Rei. Now I can only speculate, as the final episode of Rei isn’t out yet, but I would guess Bernkastel the witch was created when Rika and Frederica separated, which is what Rika is talking about when she says she should stop being the witch Bernkastel. Bernkastel is different form both Rika, who became her own person once again, and Frederica, who was simply one entity made up of several Rikas. Bernkastel is an entity separate from both, a whole new person. And believe me, Bernkastel’s personality is very much different from Rika’s.
    There is one thing that needs clarified though. While Higurashi and Umineko are set in the same era, 1983 and 1986, they are not set in the same world, so any number of years could be between Bernkastel’s creation and Umineko’s start. You may be wondering how Bernkastel can be in Umineko then. Well, she’s a witch, what do you expect?

    As for Miyo and Lamdadelta, the Satoko theory we can push away at once. Lambdadelta written with Greek letters become 34, and the Kanji that make up Miyo’s name are the ones for three and four, thus making both names essentially meaning 34.
    Once again I theorize. I recently read a diary page supposedly written by Lambdadelta, where she actually speaks about Rika and Bernkastel, saying that a new witch was born through the ordeals she set a girl through. This would mean that Miyo is either a lesser part of Lambdadelta meant to start the events of Higurashi to start that game, as that is how Lambdadelta sees it, or a representation. But Lambdadelta was behind Higurashi, she herself said that, as did she say that Bernkastel was born from Higurashi, which supports my theory about her.

    • Actually Lambdadelta has never said that she was behind Higurashi. This is just fan speculation but it isn’t explicitedly said anywhere, just that there is some strong evidence for it based on Lambda’s diary.

      Personally I think Lambdadelta was born from Miyo Takano in the same way EVA was created from Eva.

      • i read somewhere that lambdadelta appoached miyoko and asked her if she wanted to make a wish or something , and miyoko said she wanted to become a god, and lambdadelta thought that no-one else has ever wished for something like that so she would grant it to her or something, so thats how the game between lambdadelta and bernkastel was created, it makes sense about bernkastel being created due to higurashi, but how would the game have begun ??o.O unless lambdadelta knew that bernkastlel would be created coz it did seem that bernkastel had no clue that Miyo was behind it all,

        but i think bernkastel was around before higurashi coz in umineko doesn’t she say that she played the game because she was bored and she was playing an endurance game and lambdadelta just gave up, which would explain the end of higurashi kai lol XP

  5. i donno…when i first saw bernkastel i was almost certain it’s rika….it is after all by the same composer. after watching rei just confirms me…it didnt shock me much, but it did make me really happy.

    do you know why bernkastel has a cat tail in umineko though?

  6. The witch Bernkastel is not Rika… The problem is that the Higurashi anime cut the existence of Bernkastel from the plot. The only time you actually see the real Bernkastel in the anime is the final scene of Kai, and that definitely isn’t enough to explain her existence and just left everyone extremely confused, going “WTF?!”.

    I have not read the VN myself, but have spoken to someone who has. From this discussion my interpretation was that Rika lived for hundreds of years (hence her adult way of speaking when she doesn’t act like the child-like Rika), on the other hand, Bernkastel is a being created as the combination of all Rikas that have been overwritten by the main Rika character. So whenever Rika transfers to another fragment, the old Rika becomes part of Fredrika Bernkastel.

    I don’t know if Bernkastel merged with Rika at any point as suggested by someone else earlier, but this seems unlikely. Also, do remember that it wasn’t just the last two arcs in which Rika spoke like an adult, if you really think back, she did it all the time, they just didn’t make it so obvious in the beginning. I think the line from Rei is just an attempt by the anime studio to make the connection between Umineko and Higurashi a little more obvious since they screwed up by basically removing the Bernkastel character. Now they have to fudge things a little bit to make it obvious that there is a connection.

    Short version:
    Rika = a person who has lived for hundreds of years by transferring from fragment to fragment, replacing the old Rika from that world. She is wise and just wants her friends to be safe and to live one complete life to old age.
    Fredrika = a combination of all the other Rikas that have been overwritten. She is kinda twisted and hates getting bored, so she keeps messing with the fragments to create new and interesting worlds for her entertainment.

  7. Dang, all of this confuses me…maybe because I haven’t read the Visual Novels.

    All I can get is that Rika != Bernkanstel, but exists because of Rika…

    I won’t even think about Redrika or Delta or any other witch/entity.

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  9. bern is the collection of rika’s memories that has been confirmed and lambda is the personification of the rules and themes of higurashi stated in a interview with r07

  10. Bernkastel y Rika NO TIENEN RELACION NI SON LA MISMA PERSONA. Bernkastel aparecio en un capitulo del manga de higurashi mostrandole a rika un mundo lleno de fragmentos, y el modo de hablar de ella era exactamente igual al de bernkastel de umineko, ya lei el ep 5 (end of the golden witch), y hay una parte donde lambda hace referencia de las causas de las muertes en higurashi. Y los eventos de higurashi y umineko estan distanciados por 3 años, osea que es imposible que bern sea rika.

  11. Sorry got confused and wrote in spanish!! >__> , here is english:
    Rika and Bernkastel HAVE NO RELATIONSHIP AND ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON. Bernkastel appeared in a chapter of manga of higurashi showing rika a world of fragments, and th way she (bernkastel) speak of it was exactly like that of Bernkastel of Umineko, and read the ep 5 (end of the golden witch), and there is a part where lambda refers to the causes of deaths in higurashi. And Higurashi and Umineko events are spaced by 3 years, saying that is imposible to rika be the same person of a witch that claims to have over 100 years.

  12. I AM SO CONFUSED I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF THESE THINGS ARE RELATED AND WHY AND HOW AND CRAP….this is just like a more confused way of how clamp does things with putting tsubasa and xxxholic together

  13. Lambdadelta is Miyo, and Bernkastel is Rika.
    Simple as mentioned in Umineko; They had a fight against each other, obviously Higurashi fight.
    If they had a fight AGAINST each other, that means that one side is against each other. Since Bernkastel and Rika are almost identical, and Lambda + Miyo are almost identical, that’s the answer.
    The fight they mention is “won” by Bernkastel as she says. However, she mentions it to have been won because of it being an “endurance game”. Which is also the case in Higurashi. Rika endures hell’ova’load of things to get to where we leave her in Kai.
    Must be mentioned though, they “ARE” not the characters of Higurashi, but imo, rather like the pieces that they mention in Umineko, just like Erika Furudo.
    Would also explain why the hell Rika goes crazy deep voice at times, “controlled” by Bernkastel occasionally.
    And who the hell claimed that Lambdadelta is Satoko ? xD
    Also, Umineko and Higurashi are not in the same world, and Bernkastel warped to Ange in episode 4, so she MOOOOOST likely can warp back in time as well.
    That’s the connection.

  14. OK guys, this is my theory of the birth of Bernkastel and how she is related to Furude Rika:

    Furude Rika of Kakera 1 is forced to battle the witch Lambdadelta, who finds Rika as an interesting “toy” to play with since she gained the title “Incarnation of Oyashiro-sama”. After the first game Furude Rika of Kakera 1 becomes Meta-Rika. The game is then taken to the next kakera or “game” unknowingly by Hanyuu, who wants to be with Rika. Hanyuu then gives Rika of Kakera 2 the memories of Rika 1 (Kakera 1 Rika) up until her death. At the end of this second game, Rika 2 dies. So Hanyuu takes the game to the next kakera, giving the Rika in this kakera the memories of the previous kakeras. The collection of these memories becomes an entity known as “Dark Rika”. After Meta-Rika beats Lambdadelta and Dark Rika beats Takano in Matsuribayashi-hen, Meta-Rika wanted to become “Rika” again. Since Meta-Rika “reads” the kakeras as “books”, Hanyuu (who finds out about Lambda’s games) makes Dark Rika’s conscious enter the kakera of Saikoroshi-hen, which was Hanyuu’s way to show to Meta-Rika’s real goal was the free Dark Rika from endless death and that Meta-Rika is no longer Rika (similar to how Ange-Beato is no longer Ange, but unlike “Gretel”, Meta-Rika is a player, not a game piece) so she has to let go of any possibility of her becoming “Rika” again. Realizing this, Meta-Rika renamed herself as the witch Frederica Bernkastel.

    The new witch called Featherinne Aurora Augustus (or was it Augustus Aurora?) was born because Bernkastel believed Hanyuu was really a Creator level witch and was born through that perception (in one of the TIPS in Umineko, it was stated the first witches were born because people believed that there were beings highr than themselves)

    NOTE: Bernkastel (who still believed she was Rika) wanted to live happily ever after with her friends but Lambdadelta kills Rika in many kakeras so Bernkastel had to search a kakera where Rika is still alive after June 1983. Since Bernkastel does find the kakera, she has performed a miracle, hence she is called the Witch of Miracles.

  15. It´s easy. As we can hear from the anime of umineko, when Bernkastel has just arrived to the room Batler and Beatrice were fighting, Beatrice eulogize Bernkastel because she was the winner in a game with Lambda-delta.
    And judge by her attitude of the matter of “getting bored”, i can say that the only connection between rika and bernkastel is that one day Bernkastel chellenged Lambda-delta´s magic, or maybe backwards. And they decided to play making a world in which ought to have a “chess piece” representing each witch; and the first whitch who lose against the other witch magic would be the loser. (By magic i mean Bernkastel or lambda-delta “special powers”. For bernkastel is the “magic of miracles” and for lambda delta the “absolute magic”). So, they only had to enjoy the carnage rika sufered and wait who got tired first.

  16. Okay let me tell u guys the truth! (if anyone wrote the same thing srry i only read the first comment i saw) lambdadelta and bernkastel before the rokkenjima murders happened played a game similar to it. Now if u read the bernkastels birth and poems youd know that this game was the higurashi series! now bern used Rika as her pwice while lamb used miyo as her’s. in birth of brenkastel it has bern~chan saying (just so you know the following line is a paraphrase) “i am not the furude Rika everyone praised and loved as the reincarnation of oyashiiro in fact i am fredrica (isnt that so similar as furude rika?) bernkastel great witch of miracles.” also if you people havent noticed Umineko no naku koro ni and higurashi no naku koro ni both have the same name (excluding the umineko and higurashi part) now heres tthe thing about miyo and lamb in greek lambs name translated means 34 if u translate miyo’s name its 34 also and in one of the higurashi episodes an older Rika visited the child takano and told her to go with her parents. however this Rika was most likely bernkastel and all of rikas serious voice scene were proably also bern. See? and their are several other connections in the two!

  17. I Checked all the Umineko episodes where Bernkastel appears and/or talk, and I can certainly afirm that the second screenshot you placed was fake, and just a merely fan draw. You shouldn’t place fake info, you know?. as for the others, Lambdadelta isn’t actually Takano Miyo from Higurashi, it also resemble a lot of similarity to Satoko Hojo, like the fact Lambda was colorblind just as Satoko, Lambda also likes to place traps and she got the same laugh as Satoko in some scenes, personality is similar to Satoko too.. And don’t forget, don’t place fake info like that, and im saying it because I learn Japanese so I checked the audio, and it wasn’t there, and that picture wasn’t similar too.

  18. Wow really Really? You obviously didnt check all your shows and came at someone about fake stuff online is just wrong, especially when YOUR the one wrong. You shouls apologize idiot, Because it IS a real scene out of the show.

  19. (Sorry for my english. And read my comment, guys)

    Why is everyone so confused? Why is everyone making theories? The original Higurashi novel explained everything!

    That fucking Deen made a terrible anime. Yes, we all liked it. But it screwed up the REAL Higurashi, a beautiful and well written story that has nothing to do with that gory, soulless and full of plotholes anime.

    Umineko anime is even WORSE, it fucking ruins your experience. Don’t watch even a episode of it, please! Just read the sound novels.

    The mangas are better than the animes, but they are still a VERY VERY VERY watered down version of the original works. Avoid them if you can.

    Also, this is the truth:

    -Furude Rika = smart little girl who can see Hanyuu. That’s all. Her body is posessed in each fragment/world by a mature Rika who calls herself “Frederika Bernkastel”.

    -Frederica Bernkastel = Higurashi’s main character. She is simply a “Rika” who, with the help of Hanyuu, lived for 100 years posessing Furude Rika’s body over and over until she defeated her cruel fate (well, an artificial fate created by Lambdadelta by helping Miyoko giving her a coin). She is always very depressed, but when she is with her friends she acts as the innocent girl she once was/should be. BTW, her name came from the “Bernkastel” wine she liked to drink (read the damn novel if you want it more explained). These wine bottles belonged to her Father, the Furude priest.

    -Lady Bernkastel = the bad part of Frederica Bernkastel, who separated from her at the end of Saikoroshi-hen (aka Higurashi Rei, a terrible adaptation of the original VN). In Umineko, she has lived for 1000 years and is very twisted and cruel. That’s because she hates boredom, the only thing that reminds her of the hell where she was trapped long ago (Higurashi). In short, she is the depressed and angry part of Frederica Bernkastel, all the feelings that she rejected after Saikoroshi-hen.

    As you can see, Frederika Bernkastel stopped calling herself that and became “Rika” again. Her innocence didn’t return inmediatly, but all her sad memories and the suffocating feeling of having been trapped in that village for 100 years disappeared. And THAT became “Bernkastel”.

    Also, Rika was forgetting that hell bit a bit until these memories felt like a dream and disappeared. In 1984, or maybe in 1985, she was able to recover herself fully and be a happy girl again.

    • After reading all the comments, it’s just confusing. Fandom can come up with crazy theories. Here is what I think is right;

      I’m using the chessboard theory.
      So there was a great great witch, who was called ‘the Universe’s Strongest Witch’. No one could defeat her, and she had that title for several eons.
      There was a witch, named ‘Bernkastel’. She was trying to get ‘rid’ of her boredom by challenging the strongest witch, known as ‘Lambdadelta’ to a game of ‘chess’, in other words a ‘duel’, in order to obtain the title of the strongest witch in the universe and kill her boredom as well. Then, the ‘Game’ started. (This was mentioned in Umineko too, obviously.) Bernkastel chose her ‘playing chess piece’, the girl we know as ‘Furude Rika’. (I think her name wasn’t decided during the games, to them (Bernkastel and Lambdadelta. She was simply a chesspiece.) And with that, Lambdadelta chose her piece, we now know as ‘Takano Miyo’. (The name ‘Miyo’ came from Lambdadelta’s name in numerical form. 34. And was changed to rename Lambdadelta’s piece, 34, Miyo in Japanese’s numerical form.) That’s how Higurashi was formed, with a game of chess by two witches. ( So I guess what you see in Higurashi is what happens to the ‘Rika’ piece in each round of chess. And that’s why Rika looks so much like Bernkastel and Miyo looks like Lambdadelta. I guess Ryukishi07 wants them to ‘resemble’ their players.) with each round, years pass by. After about a hundred years, Bernkastel finally won and won the title of ‘Universe’s strongest witch’. (You see how and why ‘Rika’ can win against such odds? Because her player, Bernkastel, is the ‘Witch of Miracles.’ If you really believe in something, the chances of a miracle would be higher, is what Bernkastel said in Umineko.. (Maybe not in exact words..) The Rika piece believed she can overcome her ‘fate’ and ‘change destiny’. I would imagine Bernkastel was losing in the first couple rounds, Onikakushi, Watanagashi, etc. And Rika wanted a ‘miracle’. Her ‘will’ was so strong and along with Bernkastel’s will, a rare miracle happened, causing ‘Miyo’ to lose in the last game. And that’s how Bernkastel got her title and she abandoned her game (because she was ‘bored with it’, and went on to aiding Battler and Beatrice with their games. Along with Lambdadelta.) The ‘Rika’ resumed her ‘life’ in the happy world they won, and that’s the start of Kira, the last arc of Higurashi.

      • Your theory is interesting, but mine was the truth. There’s no room to theorize, this is how everything was explained in the original story.

  20. “She can use “magic of miracles” to reset a bad situation, as long as the chance of it becoming favourable is not zero. She has experienced having been played with and imprisoned in a cruel fate in the past by Lambdadelta when she was a human being.” from the umineko wiki.
    Bernkastel ‘resets’ her piece’s, Rika’s, ‘fate’ each time Lambdadelta wins the round.

  21. Read the “???” chapter in umineko ep2….
    Bernkastel says:
    “Umm… in times like this, what did I used to say again?
    …Ummm… uh, fi, fight… oh~ Mii Nipah!”
    This explains everything!

  22. .__. I’m so confused with the whole Satoko Miyo Lambda-delta thing .-. I’ve heard that RYUKISHIO7 himself said in an interveiw that Lambda-delta’s resemblance to Miyo Takono was only to throw off readers. Is that true??? .3. I’m like SOFREAKINGCONFUSED!!! GAH!!! •-•)/) will some one explain to me this shat????? (\( • w – )/)?

  23. Umineko later on does have its confusing parts but in reality, its not really a mystery (since its so obvious witches exist, thus ruining nearly the entire mystery), but higurashi comes close to being a mind***k =, especially with the strange connection it has with umineko.

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