Valkyria Chronicles – Isara…


ISARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;_;


But you know…I was kinda waiting for this, um not Isara’s death{?}, but somebody from Squad Seven dying…or close to dying. The anime, or more specifically, Squad Seven, needed to experience a loss {of a major character >_>}. And this happened right in front of Rosie, so she will take it harder than anyone else…in the preview it looked like she tackled a superior for stepping on Isara’s ceremonial grave{?}. What will become of her Darcism/Racism? Looking forward to next episode.

Glad I wasn’t spoiled on this event! UNLIKE YOU!!!!! [If you haven’t seen it yet… >_>]

6 thoughts on “Valkyria Chronicles – Isara…

  1. I played the game you know…

    And why they had to do this since they´ve changed so damn much other stuff is by far the most stupid thing I´ve seen.

    If they´re going to change that she gets to fall in love, Faldio going for Alicia and having a younger officer who is so into him when he´s not trying to get friendly with Isara.

    Why the fuck not let her live? This ruined everything for me.

    Stupid Welkin being such a wuss. And for what? The damn relation problem he had.

    Just anger and dissapointment.

    But then again, with Isara traveling to the market with the guy it was like one big death flag for me :(

    • I dunno much about the game, so I’m not as pissed at Welkin as you are…being the typical dumb [relationship wise] male lead, his character doesn’t faze me as it used to back then.

      P.S: Welkin is just a Rookie when it comes to relationships, but that is usually the case with Prodigies. They may be smart at on thing, but completely incompetent on another…

  2. You have spoiled me. Well, meanwhile I have seen the episode, and I must say, her death was less shocking for me thanks to you. Still damn sad though. Why, whyyy? ;__;

  3. Really sad that she died. She worked so hard and achieve so much at a young age. With her dedication and talent, Isara could have done great things in the series. But her life is all wasted from a single bullet. At first I was angry. Thinking how could the producer kill off a good character, but I think it made the story that much better. I find the game to be quite emotional, especially the ending.

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