[Filler] 53RG10’s Favorite Images #01

.: ‘Sparky’ Image :.


Some thing other than electricity surges through me! ;)

But really, there isn’t much good “Sparky” ecchi…or hentai…images, that or I suck at searching >_> But this one is so awesome.

.: ‘I Feel Like Playing This Game Because of This Image’ Image :.


I don’t play eroge games…not a fan of ’em. But sometimes, seeing images likes this one make me feel like playing one…but doesn’t give me the motivation! ;)

FYI: This would not have happened if the image was of Asakura Otome! Yume >>>>> Otome ^_^

.: ‘Nice Ass’ Image :.


I’m an ass man, I like zee ass more than zee bewbs! So this image really appeals to me!

.: ‘Artistic’ Image :.


Let’s ignore the nature of the image, as hard as it is to do, and revel at the artistic value of it. This is seriously one bad ass image. I would say the artist is very talented, but I was told the artist has trouble drawing faces/heads…so I dunno…judge for yourself…if you have a Pixiv account… >_>

.: ‘Yuri’ Image :.


.: ‘I would find this disgusting…but I actually find it pretty hot’ Image :.


Bukkake sucks, I don’t like it…dunno if this image is bukkake…but if it is…for some reason I don’t mind it. Am I being desensitized by watching all of this shit around the imageboards? I probably am…

I’ll just pretend a carton of milk exploded in her thighs and she’s airing them out! ;)



7 thoughts on “[Filler] 53RG10’s Favorite Images #01

  1. hahaha.

    So this is what you´re going to be doing in the future? I approve!!

    With the way I choose for my blog I need to be a bit restrictive with this kind of things. But hell yes I approve of this!!

    And the cow is ok with me. I´ve seen worse :p Don´t ask me why I´ve seen worse though…

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