[Filler] 53RG10’s Favorite Images #01

Remember that idea that came to me while I was writing that post showing off my awesomeness? Let’s put that idea into practice! But first a bit ‘o background information:

I see lots of images per day…I frequent image boards like Danbooru and Moe.Imouto for no other reason than I’m bored and I don’t fucking feel like doing anything else, I waste around 30~50 min a day browsing these imageboards [by looking at the thumbnails] to satisfy my boredom. I probably see about 400+ thumbnailed images a day…and some of those thumbnailed images catch my attention…and some of those images that catch my attention, are worthy of sharing!

If you follow me on Twitter [Suisei cute~♥] you may have seen some links to such images, well, those are Safe For Work…most of the time…these however, WILL ALWAYS BE NSFW because they are A LOT more interesting and A LOT more LULZY. [Though if you frequent 4chan…these images will be pretty mild for you…]

The nature of the images can and will range post by post depending on my mood, there’s will also be random categories, which will be made on the spot once I think an image is worthy of my mention. Ah whatever, rather than explaining, let’s just put this dumb idea to the test and see how far I got with it before I get tired and kill it off.

These are images I saw while my daily browsing of some imageboards that I thought were awesome enough to show ya all! You may feel offended, you may feel disgusted, but if you don’t care come on in~, you others GTFO!

7 thoughts on “[Filler] 53RG10’s Favorite Images #01

  1. hahaha.

    So this is what you´re going to be doing in the future? I approve!!

    With the way I choose for my blog I need to be a bit restrictive with this kind of things. But hell yes I approve of this!!

    And the cow is ok with me. I´ve seen worse :p Don´t ask me why I´ve seen worse though…

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