Fight Ippatsu Juuden-chan – The Problem is…


The violence.

That’s right, the pissing and the ecchiness I can deal with…but the outburst of anger and violence from [Insert Lead Male Character’s Name Here] is a different story. This dude needs to go to some anger management classes to deal with his anger…or some domestic violence classes so he could learn that BEATING UP GIRLS IS NOT FUNNY! I understand he gets surprised by the sudden appearance of Plug, but does he really need to grab a bat and beat the fuck outta her?

I kinda get pissed every time he brings out the bat and hits Plug. It’s really uncalled for…killing the ‘mood’.

But I must admit, SOMETIMES the beating is funny…’cause IT FITS the situation…like with Aresta, that masochist. But more often than not, it seems they are trying too hard to break of the seriousness with a swing of a bat…failing at the ‘comedy’ part. If they tone down the beatings a bit, I may actually watch this weekly and not whenever there’s nothing else to watch…

But fuck it, as bad as the anime is, it actually managed to get my attention and I’ll probably continue watching it. If only for the ecchi parts!

5 thoughts on “Fight Ippatsu Juuden-chan – The Problem is…

  1. (Wtf is that guys name) really does have some issues, that im sure will lead to domestic violence in the future.

    His wife comes home early from work and he beats her w/ a bat because she surprised him.

  2. Hm. Violence is the answer to everything right?

    Or am I wrong? I´ve tried talking, crying, screaming. That doesn´t work. Only thing left to try is violence.

    Jokes aside. With a character that dumb a nice beating is ok. I don´t see that may complaining when Keitaro got the shit kicked out of him every ep in Love Hina.

    Why as soon as girls are involved is it worse than when a guy is hit?

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