Valkyria Chronicles – Oh Great…


I should read TokyoTosho comments… >_> Also a certain harem lead hinted at it a while ago…DAMN YOU ALL!!!

But the new OP was made of awesome and win! They really revved up the production value for it. Hope new episodes have awesome sh*t as the OP. The song is pretty good, but SRSBSN Alicia~♥, Rooftop sailing Alicia~♥, bad ass “I don’t care what’s happening behind me I’ll just shoot you in from of me” Alicia~♥, and Super Valkyur Alicia~♥ won me over! My pants were tight the whole time ;)

As for the Episode [14] itself, it was pretty dramatic. With the whole Racism stuff and War Casualties…the episode was pretty intense. Glad Rosie got a reality check and saw just what racism is capable of doing…something which she still hasn’t let go off because of her traumatic past involving Darcsens. She’s softening up though…so that’s good. Valkyria Chronicles should have more episodes like this, but I guess those random “Hey lets party!” episodes are necessary…for the ‘romance’ portion of the anime. Stupid Faldio…HANDS OF ALICIA~♥…YOU TOO WELKIN…though you don’t really know what’s going on so you’re not a threat…yet…

Oh yeah, the ED was also pretty nice. I liked the Song more than the ED Sequence and IMHO it was better than the OP.

6 thoughts on “Valkyria Chronicles – Oh Great…

  1. I dropped the show in episode 8 because I want to finish the game first. The bad thing is that I don’t have the game D:

  2. Suprised you didn´t notice that with the way things were going in the show. Espacially after the ruin episode.

    But I don´t like how Faldio is going at Alicia, she belongs to Welkin!! Good love triangle though for the show.

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