Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou – Code is Poetry Magic

.: OMAKE :.

#kokidokombine @ irc.rizon.net

[19:36] {@sziur_18} THIS LITTLE GIRL MADE A KID CRY!
[19:36] {@sziur_18} Awesum~
[19:42] {@sziur_18} This is pretty awesome…writting Code to make magic?
[19:43] {+tekky99} i know
[19:43] {+tekky99} right?
[19:43] {@sziur_18} That’s NERDGASM
[19:43] {+tekky99} it’s stupid but soo relevant
[19:43] {+tekky99} if i was little kid
[19:43] {+tekky99} i’d have probably gone
[19:43] {+tekky99} “I CAN USE MAGIX!!!!”
[19:43] {@sziur_18} ^_^
[19:44] {@sziur_18} I can see where this comes from though, seeing your code [ex HTML] show up as inteded is pretty damn awesome and feels like magic!
[19:44] {+tekky99} lol
[19:44] {@sziur_18} I HAZ TEH MAGIC~
[19:45] {+tekky99} art student forced to take programming: Man this programming thing is really tough
[19:45] {+tekky99} “oh wait, it worked! It’s like Magic”
[19:45] {+tekky99} “hey wait a minute…. code… magic… I HAVE A STORY!!!”
[19:46] {+tekky99} *becomes the author behind yokuwakaru*
[19:46] {+tekky99} you something mroe awesome
[19:46] {+tekky99} http://myanimelist.net/character/20962/Koyomi_Morishita
[19:46] {+tekky99} look at what she’s holding
[19:46] {+tekky99} that’s right
[19:46] {+tekky99} it’s a fucking fire fox

8 thoughts on “Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou – Code is Poetry Magic

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  3. More important: find out where her C libraries are stashed and what sort of hardware interface she’s using! Then port ’em over to Python, add a good GUI and conjure up something better than dissolving pans, exploding spears, and come-ons for cell phones ;)

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