Kanamemo – I Wish I was a Girl…


…because they get to grope lolis and not really get in trouble… >_>

The first episode failed to catch my interest…aside from the loli groping…and the yuri…yuri is always good, there wasn’t really anything that made me want to watch the next episode. These types of anime are usually what I watch though, and I don’t go by first episode impressions so it can still grab my interest…probably.

One thing that bothered me was a drunk Horie Yui {Haruka}, it just didn’t seem like it ‘fits’ her voice…her super ‘genki’ voice must be stuck in my head…will take a while to adjust. Also, that one yuri chick, /me Wikis, Yuuki, her jealousy didn’t sit well with me. Her secks partner Yume didn’t do much, just touch Kana, and Yuuki gets all jealous, though she’s doesn’t get violent jealous…but it’s just as bad ’cause I hate jealousy for no real reason…if Yume groped Kana I would find that jealousy “OK”, but Yume didn’t do anything like that…much to my disappointment…>_>

Whatever…will watch next episode to see more loli groping Kana’s first day on the job.

P.S: That was really a stupid reason to run away…but that cute innocence is Kana’s charm~ ^_^

3 thoughts on “Kanamemo – I Wish I was a Girl…

  1. …because they get to grope lolis and not really get in trouble…

    It’s not restricted to only lolis. We can has fun with grown up women too. Right, pretend you didn’t hear that from me. >_>

    Hohum, I’m having a few thoughts on whether to try Kanamemo. I’m all for the cast and then there’s the yuri yuri but a weird sense of humor don’t sit that well with me. Like Azumanga was great but I found that some of their slapstick-ness was too overdone – just felt like rolling my eyes and saying “Gee, not again…”

    Oh well, guess the best way to find out is to test it. ^^

    • Girls have all the fun… >_>

      I’m not completely sold on Kanamemo, but yeah, giving it a try and seeing what it can do may change my mind.

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