11 thoughts on “Needless – I Watched it but

  1. I’m sure everyone who watched this was expecting something manly in the ED. Instead, what we got did appeal to males… but mainly the rampaging hormones in the lower half of our body.

  2. In short: Big company ruler is destroying the land. Resistance group tries to take him out but gets caught up by the supergroup that defends the ruler. They are wiped out except for one boy and his big sister. They run away.

    Big mecha hunting them and the girl gives her own life up to save her little brother. Brother escapes only to be found my said mecha, in comes big person that scraps the mecha. Boy carries big person to safety.

    Insert cliche siscon reaction here and introduce one more girl and a doctor.

    Cliche girl loving big person and not caring about anything else.

    Insert boy siscon drama ending with boy running of. Insert one groupmember finding said boy and wanting to kill him.

    Big person saves boy thanks to super duper power.

    Insert yuri ED song.

    How can you not remember what the episode is about? It´s so clear and easy to understand and remember :p

    • There was a cowardly boy?
      There was a mecha?
      There was a big strong person with super power?
      There was a girl who didn’t care about anything else but her interests?
      There was SISCON!? No way, I would have definitely remembered the siscon!

      Wow, that Yuri ED sure made everything else insignificant and unworthy of my remembrance! ;)

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