1/2 Million Visits + A change for Open Your Mind


Wow~ Will you look at that! 500,000+ Visits! Awesum~ THANK YOU ALL! \(^_^)/

Really, I thank every single one of you who visited my blog and/or happened to just wander in. Thank you! Two years eh…wow, time sure flies! ^_^

P.S: I missed my blog’s birthday…which was on June 29… ;_;

Well, I didn’t do this for my other landmarks, so I’ll do it for this one. How about some stats?


I wonder what happened in that Drop there…


LOL! Hirano Aya and Lolicon the top searches!


That much about it. I wish I knew how to pull out the comments stats and see how many comments a single person has made…but alas, I’m unable to…

And now, I’ll talk about something that I finally decided to break away thanks to the 1/2 million views. There’s is gonna be a change in what I blog and the way I write. Continue to next page to find out what!


14 thoughts on “1/2 Million Visits + A change for Open Your Mind

  1. Well, considering that 53rg10 lets his lolis run around here. ;)

    Congratulations! And Belated Anniversary/Birthday to your blog! :D

  2. Hooray for Stats!


    Uh, Uh, Bricks were shat! (What? ALRIGHT!!! I LIKE DAT!!! I LIKE DAT!!!)… don’t mind me. But yea, congratulations =3

    On the topic of your 2nd page, I’m glad that you won’t constrain yourself anymore, but keep in mind that in most cases using the F-bomb or other swear words are not necessary. I might sound like a hypocrite myself since my content could also be quiet mature, but don’t over do it. There is a chance that you might lose readership/credibility if you are to swear all the time. What I’m trying to say is that sometimes censors are good =D

  3. Congratulations! Wow, 500k..! I had reached 50k recently ^__^

    Keep it up! d-(^_^)/

    As for self-censoring, too many swearwords are too many swearwords, but it’s nothing bad to use some now and then. I started doing it recently (under influence of Aizen I suppose), censoring them only with * signs. It’s a f***ing good feeling to express yourself completely.

  4. Well, kudos for the 500k. Know that I’m reading you from Chile – of course I’m no native english speaker – and I’m sure there are lot of people reading you from so many places in the world, you should be proud, really. If it were just posting some lolis then anyone could do it but that’s not the way it works, is it?

    Regarding the second page… well, I really think that written and oral language are different. We process things in a different way when – say – we’re talking to a friend and when we’re writing a letter. I’m not saying that swear words are bad or anything, but they’re mostly “auxiliar” words to quickly say what we think, e.g. we can use “fuck” in tons of contexts to replace a variety of words and it won’t always be in an offensive way. However, written language gives us more time to find the exact word we’re looking for, so I don’t think of it as “censorship”, but I guess it’s up to you.

    Well, anyway, I’ll keep reading what you write, kudos again and I hope you update more often ^^

  5. @Everyone: Thanks! ^_^

    @Gargron: I have used * to cover up one part of the word…but it kinda feels weird doing it, but I’ll try to use it more often as to not get dropped from AnimeNano’s listing! ;)

    @Jesus & Amalek: Other than censoring my own words, I too censored what I showed here. I deleted drafts that were a little too ecchi to show, for example, I wanted to delete this draft I have about Anime Girls I’ll like to Bed, which I was, but now, I’ll let it pass through! ;)

  6. Congratulations on hitting that milestone and I can only hope to reach that point in a year’s time.

    As for your new approach, it’s just best to go with what you’re comfortable with. Either way, your content has made for enjoyable reading and this place will always hold special meaning for being the first blog to link back to my own.

    Here’s to the next 500K hits!

  7. Congrats on the hits :)

    I´m only about 350k hits behind ya. But with the stuff I´ve been writing about it is understandable that it doesn´t get many hits. No porn, no anime, just my thoughts on games and whatnot :p

    However you want to change the blog and what it is about. It´s your blog so do what you want with it or the way you write.

    As long as you have fun doing it it´ll be alright.

    So once again, congrats and keep up the good work.

    • Thanks! ^_^

      I don’t really write much about anime that deserves hits, but hey, if I get them I welcome them! And I don’t think I have written about pr0n here…at least not yet! ;)

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