53RG10’s Top Ten Anime Song {Spring ’09}

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Although I listened to a lot of music this season, I can’t say I listened to every OP and ED for every anime this time. And that is because I was listening to THE iDOLM@STER tracks more than anything…and that was because I was, and still am, playing THE iDOLM@ASTER SP Perfect Sun!

But well, I may not have listened to much anime OP and ED’s this season…but I heard enough to be able to make a Top Ten List! So let’s get this started!

10) Ai no Zuellni – Chromed Shelled

Chrome Shelled Regios Ending Song 2

I’m a sucker for slow love songs, and even more of a sucker for love songs with both male and female singing alternating parts! Though to be honest, there really isn’t anything extraordinary about this song…but give me a Takahashi Mikako version and a Top Ten Spot will biasedly be guaranteed~!

Is biasedly even a word…?

09) Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi-iro! – Itou Shizuka with Yahagi Sayuri & Nakao Eri & Asano Masumi

Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Ending Song


Just the song up there, this one also comes with two other versions, one featuring Nabatame Hitomi (Katsura Yukiji) and another featuring Takahashi Mikako (Nishizawa Ayumu). But unlike the Number 10 spot, this song didn’t make it here because I got a Takahashi Mikako version! ;)

08) Wonder Wind – ELISA


This song almost didn’t make the list. The first time I heard it on Hayate no Gotoku!! I didn’t take a liking to it. I like ELISA’s voice, but for some reason it didn’t “feel” right with Hayate no Gotoku…must be because I unconsciously labeled her “ef material”…But as the episodes went by and I got to listen to it more and more…I started to like it more and more until I finally decided it MUST be on my Top Ten list this season! ^_^

07) Future Stream – sphere

Hatsukoi Limited Opening Song

06) Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare – May’n

SHANGRI-LA Opening Song

To be honest, I don’t really know much about May’n and her singing, aside from her work in Macross Frontier, where she sung some really great songs. I haven’t hard anything else from her, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this single. But it met my expectation and entered my Top Ten List!

I should give her album May’n Street a try…

05) Blue Sky, True Sky – Yuuki Aira

Tears to Tiara Ending Song

Ah~ another song biasedly admitted into my Top Ten List. This one though, is actually pretty damn good. I’ve been listening to Yuuki Aira since the good ‘ol sola days…that’s 2007 for ya “I haven’t seen sola and thus I suck” crowd if you don’t know.

It took a few listens to get used to it though. Yuuki Aira doesn’t really sing in a REALLY LOUD VOICE, so it felt kinda weird listening to her as she sung “Blue Sky, True Sky namida ha iranai Blue Sky” and the like. But by the third listen, I was already singing along~! ;)

04) Hatsukoi Limited – marble

Hatsukoi Limited Ending Song

marble has a nack at making such addictive songs. This song has been looping in my head since the time I heard it in Hatsukoi Limited.

03) Cagayake!GIRLS – Sakurakou K-ON Bu

K-ON! Opening Song

I think a few, if not most, of you would find it very surprising to see this song this high up on the list considering how the K-ON crowd fawn over “Don’t Say Lazy”, which is a good song by the way, but not as awesome as Cagayake!GIRLS! ;)

The song made this high up simply because it’s so damn catchy and hyperactive! I don’t really like cutsey hyperactive songs, but I can’t stop listening to this song! It is currently my most played song of the Spring Season!

02) phosphorus – eufonius

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S Opening Song

I’m completely entranced by Riya’s singing. There’s only a few singers I can listen to endlessly without ever getting tired of ’em…and eufonius is one of them.

01) Again – YUI

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening Song

It took just one listen of the full length song to name it my favorite song of the Spring Season! That’s how awesome the song is!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Falling Down – Higashi no Eden OP
  • nO limiT – Basquash! OP
  • The Fine Everyday – Tayutama -Kiss on My Diety- OP
  • PARTY PLAY – Slap Up Party -Arad Senki- OP
  • Don’t Say Lazy – K-ON! ED

    10 thoughts on “53RG10’s Top Ten Anime Song {Spring ’09}

    1. @Jokee: Uso is pretty good. Hmm…I haven’t heard “Parallel Hearts” yet, is that from Pandora Hearts?

      @phossil: I’m easy to read…

      @zzeroparticle: Oasis got an honorable mention! ;)

      To be honest, I haven’t really heard any Oasis songs before, so I didn’t think anything special from the song used in Highashi no Eden…I was surprise it was in English…but nothing more than that. It is a good song though! ^_^

    2. “do “falling down” consider an anime song or it’s just OP”

      Do you consider “Fly Me to the Moon” to be an anime song?

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