Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ – Zwei Gets a Loli


Uhhh…I dunno…but Phantom feels like a whole different anime now…mostly because Zwei changed so much. After losing Ein, he killed people just as he always did, though he looked like he was having fun, and just followed orders like a dog, he has nothing left to lose and nothing else to care about. I understand that part. But what I don’t understand is his sudden interest in a case involving a dead prostitute. Where’d that come from?

The prostitute is someone unknown to him and I don’t recall him ever meeting her, but he wants to avenge her death. Not only that, but he takes in an orphaned girl, who used to live with said prostitute, and wants to raise her…as a “partner” in crime. He said that to ‘protect’ her from the organization. This just raises a flag in my head…it just feels weird.

My guess is that he just wants to ‘save’ the innocent who were unfortunate enough to get involve in the case of the Yakuza murders. But his sudden ‘chivalry’ is totally unexpected and a bit out of [current] character. -_-

P.S: That girl up there, Cal, looks like a cross between Ellis and Lirio, both from El Cazador de la Bruja.

P.P.S: I wonder if that one shadow in the rooftop is Ein…

8 thoughts on “Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ – Zwei Gets a Loli

  1. Actually, he said “revenge” for the prostitute to Cal just to pull information from Cal (at the first time). Since she’s the only witness to the whole failed transaction debacle between Inferno and Godoh Group – she will be tracked by the Bloodies.

    And you know there’s a kind of rift between two factions (Isaac’s and Claudia’s) – one who gets the favor first from the head, McGuire, might actually gain more power in the future. That’s why it’s kind of a mistake for Reiji to bring Cal to his home, since Reiji now has to make an excuse for not handing over a possible important witness to Isaac – and that excuse is to raise her as a partner. If he did not do so, most likely Cal would be ‘silenced’ by Inferno.

    So, your guess is right, but I think that’s not chivalry, but the kind of situation he’s stucked with (because she took the five million bucks – that way, she’ll be surely killed if he did not take that decision, and Claudia’s faction, including him, might be punished).

    • Yeah, I understand him trying to get information out of Cal…but why did he take flowers to the murder scene in the first place, one of the acts I found weird. I don’t think he knew the prostitute had a relative or something.

      If he was just investigating…flowers would seem unnecessary…

      But thinking about it, that could have been just a farce so no one would suspect him for being at the murder scene…

      • The VN was a bit more clear on this point. In the anime, we see that Judy had been covered and that she had her arms crossed over her chest. Reiji inferred that she had been cared for. He assumed that the companion would return, and so he brought the flowers as a ruse to try to ingratiate himself with that person.

  2. I’m not sure if he really is interested in avenging a random prostitute. My assumption was that he was after the killer. He probably thought the killer had some connection to Scythe or something, but that’s all my guess.

    Poor Cal just got caught up in horrible circumstances. Zwei doesn’t really want to train her into another Phantom, but BSing about her potential was better then letting the Bloodies rape her. I think the reason he’s so interested in Cal is because she reminds him of his own past/situation.

    • The only thing that I find similar between Cal and Zwei is that they are both alone, they lost their “family”. But is that really enough to go to such and extent for her?


  3. First of all: Yes, there is a visual novel, and it’s even translated to English and available Dirt-cheap. Around 20$. It’s a total steal. I wrote a little review about it here:

    I want to underline what rev said, with one addition: This was a classic case of Bad Timing [tm]. First, Reiji went there with flowers trying to look for clues (this way he could inconspiciously pose as a friend), when he ran into Cal. He figured that she probably didn’t know anything, but when she insisted so much, he took her along unwillingly since “hell who knows, maybe she DOES know something, I’ll find out”.

    And then, Wisemel appeared on the scene and basically tried to bully his way around. Handing Cal over would have handed the success over to Wisemel too, and thus been a loss to the Claudia faction to who Reiji belongs now, which is why Reiji instinctively rejected Wisemel. It’s just that AFTERWARDS, he realized that he kinda committed himself, and that he’s now in a pretty shady corner. So he changes plans and decide to start “howling with the wolves”, merely pretending to train Cal. However… *heh*

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