19 thoughts on “[Filler] K-ON! – It’s All Over

  1. K-On! never promised to be more than slice-of-life… It’s not like I expected it to be K=O(n!) or anything [/math_joke]. I got pretty much what I expected: moe moe kyun.

    • Not really. Given how well KyoAni animated dance scenes and music performances before you´d trust them to give us what is said. Music :p

      But since I didn´t read the manga beforehand or knew anything about it I guess it´s my own fault. But oh well. I just have to keep wishing for a pure dance/music anime from KyoAni.

  2. was hoping for more into music, but definitely more involved with music, better than Yozakura Quartet @@@@!! the name made me thought it’s was about music

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