[Filler] K-ON! – QUALITY!



Now I know why they showed that music video the first time they performed Fuwa Fuwa TIME… >_>

8 thoughts on “[Filler] K-ON! – QUALITY!

  1. I have a theory. Since when Yutaka Yamamoto left the company, he took a lot of experienced animators with him, I am guessing that Kyoani now has to retrain a new team of animators who are actually amateurs. I am seeing K-ON! as some sort of low-budget training project for them.

    Although to be honest, I think Kyoani’s standard of animation had been dipping ever since Lucky Star. Their last really consistent animation attempt, in my opinion, was probably Kanon 2006.

  2. WTH what happened to KyoAni? T.T Well at least Clannad was pretty good. The quality wasn’t as consistent as in Kanon but it was still good considering the length of the show.

  3. I´d say who cares about quality? The show overall was really good in the animation department, but what they showed us was bad. Should have been more focus instead of cake eating…

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  5. At first, I thought it is because I used a widescreen TV monitor. But the problem still persist even when I set the monitor to 4:3. Turn out that the problem is inconsistent quality of animation.

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