To-LOVE-Ru OVA – Came at the Right Time


If you know me, once in a while, I feel like watching something with blatant fanservice all over the place. Something to satisfy that “I WANNA SEE SOME PANTSU/BEWBS/ETC” feeling without much care to the story. Last time this happened, I watched the first episode of Queen’s Blade…and it was a blast!! I was planning on doing it again today, by watching the second episode, but I saw the 2nd To-LOVE-Ru OVA was released and decided to watch that instead of Queen’s Blade…somehow, I feel like I dodged a bullet…>_>

Luckily though, along with the blantant fanservice, the episode came a bit of a nice story from Mikan and Rito. Not really much to say about the episode itself…so following this is just some delicious screenshots for ya to enjoy!

Before that, I would like to say, Mikan is one incestuous mischievous little girl. That joke she played on Rito at the end was awesome…and she seemed really serious too.

Onwards to the [NSFW] screenshots!

Something’s wrong with your sexuality when you say “Hnggghh Riko!!!”…which I did >_>

Rebellious Mikan is fine too

Mikan Pantsu~~

Before Mikan, I didn’t understand the appeal of wanting a [non blood related] imouto. ;)

Queen Saki~♥

Why are the To-LOVE-Ru character designs so damn cute??


More Mayonnaise


Now excuse me while I attempt to make some mayonnaise check for next episode’s air date…which I think won’t happen any time soon.

P.S: I watched 6hrs of anime today, yes 6 HOURS!!!, and I only felt like blogging about To-LOVE-Ru…

6 thoughts on “To-LOVE-Ru OVA – Came at the Right Time

  1. Watched it earlier today.

    Basic stuff :p But not any less dandy and nice. Need more Mikan, Mikan is the reason I endured the show. Best imouto so far that I´ve seen.

    First OVA was way better in my opinion :)

    Try the KissXSis OVA as well next time. 6 hours of anime? A marathon of a show and that´s done. Think I´ll watch Skip Beat sooner or later. Need to decide what I should do next. Level in Cross Edge or watch anime.

  2. @relentlessflame: Calendar Marked!

    @Kairu Ishimaru: …

    @rogosk: I do read it…and yes, the girls a lot hotter!

    @manga: KissxSis eh? I saw a few screenshots of that, added to the “watch when you want ecchi AND ALONE” list! ;)

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