Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo – The Usual Sunrise Plot Twist

Oh snap! Lelouchopard is the now bad guy and Nerval is his Daddy!? Existence truly belongs to “The Girl Who Leaps Through Space”? Not only that…but Nami joined up with Evil Leopard!? Whut!? lol…I will never get tired of the way Sunrise f*cks with our minds with Plot Twists. It was entertaining with Code Geass…and […]

Top 5 Anime Picks for Summer 2009 Season

Sauce: Alright, lets get this outta the way so I can go back to being lazy! Ah! Before that, I wanna point this out, because it just hit me…it has been ONE YEAR since I started this Top 5 Picks trend. That’s right! My first Top 5 Picks was started before the Summer 2008 […]

[Quick Post] What I see as “Moe”

“Moe” [萌え], a Japanese slang term used to describe a character to which you the viewer would develop “a pure, protective feeling towards”. “Moe” literally means “budding/developing”, which refers to the growing/developing protective feeling for the character. The same “Moe” can be used for ‘attraction, fascination, interest, fetish, etc. etc…’, for example: tsundere-moe, attraction/interest for […]

To-LOVE-Ru OVA – Came at the Right Time

If you know me, once in a while, I feel like watching something with blatant fanservice all over the place. Something to satisfy that “I WANNA SEE SOME PANTSU/BEWBS/ETC” feeling without much care to the story. Last time this happened, I watched the first episode of Queen’s Blade…and it was a blast!! I was planning […]