Hatsukoi Limited – Another Beautiful Couple


Ii nioi~!


Koyoi has no chance against the Final Boss! She succumbed to the Dock Attack! She had no chance of attacking even though Final Boss was charmed with teh Imouto! ;)

Koyoi’s charm tries VERY hard at taking down Enomoto Kei as my favorite Hatsukoi girl…and it seems like it’s working!! BUT I SHALL NOT SUCCUMB TO THE MOE! Also, every episode successfully makes me question my choice by making the featured girl so damn adorably cute and irresistible. This weeks episode featured Dobashi Rika [and her first love.]




Awwww~~! ^_^


6 thoughts on “Hatsukoi Limited – Another Beautiful Couple

  1. I don’t remember who said it, but this show manages to be both enjoyable and idiotic at the same time, usually tilted towards the enjoyable end of the spectrum because the characters are silly that the humor works more often than not. Definitely not the best show, but it works more often than not.

  2. I like how Hatsukoi corrupts my mind…in a good way.

    Darn you 53rg10 for choosing the best pics to reel my Yu-Radar into overdrive. XD

  3. Simplistic plot and one-dimensional characters, yet this anime is simply irresistible. It’s like guilty pleasure. Kei is also my favorite, but really each one just stands out everytime it’s her turn in the girl-of-the-week spotlight.

  4. @zzeroparticle: Honestly, I would consider this anime 2nd best anime this season. Laughs and romance is a good combo for me!

    FMA holds 1st place. :)

    @Keiri: It’s an acquired skill! ;)

    @bluemist: With that crazy love triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon…X-agon, most wouldn’t call it a simplistic plot.

    Though there are some stories with simple plot, like Dobashi’s and Kei’s.

  5. Simple plot. Yet quite touching with their young love story. That’s what makes Dobashi the best in my eyes. That and the couple panels at the very end of the manga.

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