[Filler] Just Because

I feel like writing something…but I don’t feel like writing about an episode I’ve seen nor anything related to the current anime season because, well, I’m not really enthusiastic about the current season, it happens once in a while. News of a new Haruhi episode got me excited…but not enough to want to watch it now…though Hatsukoi and K-ON! are a different story!

Uhh…anyways, not watching much anime has given me some extra time to do other stuff…which I haven’t really taken advantage of…but tried to.

For one, I’ve started to use PhotoShop a bit more often in hopes I get better and more proficient with the tools so I can finish any new drawings faster…but ironically the image I was using to work with was taking forever… -_- I guess it’s because I decided to also draw an actual background and not that colored cloud or patterned background I’ve always been doing…and also because I’ve tried a new style of drawing the eyes instead of my simple two colored eye. Here, check it out:

CLICK HERE for the black cloud-less version…

Looking at the eye, it seemed like it was going to be hard…but it was easy…too easy in fact! (Thanks to the help of tutorials that is! ^_^’ ) I also tried something new with the hair…which I personally like! If only I could remember what the hell I did to make it look that way. I use CTRL+Z a little too much and forget what I did to get such an effect… ”’orz

It’ll come to me…hopefully… -_-

By the way, that image was finished…uhh…probably a month ago… >_> Was planning to make a post about it, but didn’t feel like it.

Anyways, I think the practice worked because I was able to finish a piece of work faster than I’ve ever have. Though I think it’s because of the feedback I had while drawing it. That image is Kokido Kombine’s very own Kokido-chan!

Aside from PhotoShop, I’ve also been messing around with Blender a bit.

Blender is a free 3D Modeling Program that is powerful enough to make such works as these…gives 3DMAX a run for its money! ;) I’ve actually heard of this program probably a few years ago, I also tried it a few years ago, but stopped because it was REALLY HARD to get used to…and I was in school an didn’t really have the time to mess around with it. But now with the abundant tutorials on the web and free time that I have to much of, I decided to pick it back up and try my hand at 3D Modeling once again.

Honestly, it’s A LOT easier than I remember. Back then I couldn’t even make a simple human body, but now, I can make a Glass Goblet…or Wine Glass…or whatever you call this:

My brother is right…the base is too small…>_>

I followed a tutorial to do that, but I’m sure I can reproduce it without said tutorial! Getting the basics down is the key to everything. But I have yet to grasp the basics of Materials. Materials is VERY HARD. Materials are what gives the 3D Object it’s ‘feel’…like skin, glass, metal, tile, etc etc. It honestly took me 2 days to figure out how to make the glass transparent and able to cast a transparent shadow… -_-

I should remember to use my Google Searching Skills when I can’t do stuff…>_>

Blender is also capable of animation…but my computer can’t handle it…so I’ll put those basic for another day. For now, I’ll attempt to make a 3D character…which is a LONG TERM goal. ;)

P.S: Working in a 3D environment makes me dizzy. I’m a 2D kinda guy! ;)

PhotoShop and Blender were two examples of what I’ve been passing time with. There’s also the required Japanese studying, Japanese Translation practice…which I think I’m getting worse at rather than better -_- , Guitar practice…which I RARELY do ’cause it’s not something I’m really enthusiastic about and I only play it ’cause it’s there, blog surfing…without commenting ’cause I lurk, random YouTube watching, anime watching and/or blogging if I feel like, and the occasional video game.

Just looking at that previous paragraph makes me tired…I think I have too much things on my plate…maybe I should give up a few things so I wouldn’t burn out or something. But then again, it’s not like I do every one of those EVERY SINGLE DAY…no, I do one thing one day and another thing another…except for Guitar…that’s like once a week. >_>

Heh…well, I guess that’s it. Nothing more to write. My urge to write something is gone and satisfied. Now back to wasting my time on what I have been doing for the past week or so, which is THE iDOLM@STER SP {Perfect Sun}! I’ve beat the game Yesterday with Haruka…who would usually get me mad because she gets down too easily…quit comparing yourself to Hibiki!!! >_< and she would usually trip in her performances 'cause she's clumsy. Nothing a few Dancing Lessons can't cure! :)

Well, she's top idol now, so onwards to the next idol. Yayoi it's your turn to be top idol~! Uuh-Uuuuh~!

P.S: Yayoi's stats scare me…her personality is way up while her other stats, dancing, singing, and appearance, are low…gotta work hard on her! ^_^



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