Hatsukoi Limited – Christmas is the Day for Couples

Cause I waited for this ;)

I think everybody else already figured it out…but since I’m slow and always lagging behind the pack…I just realized that Christmas [in Japan] is a day for couples…a day even more romantic than Valentine’s Day.

They don’t care about the religious background, neither do most Americans, so they celebrate it by spending a romantic night with their loved one…or attempt to by joining a gathering. Christmas for them is a day to get laid confess their love. I guess this is why I almost always like Christmas episodes.

Can’t deny cute Christmas episodes, like K-ON!’s, are fine too! Thought, thinking about it, it was also a night full of Yuri coupling…with Sayoko stripping and forcing Mio and Ui and Yui ending up in the same bed! ;) But I say a romantic Christmas episode is preferred!

Yup, that’s right, he’s imagining her naked.

Yup, that’s right, she’s imagining herself naked.



Awww that was cute~! ^_^

One more thing, I’m glad Kei doesn’t know how to lock doors! ;)





3 thoughts on “Hatsukoi Limited – Christmas is the Day for Couples

  1. Ahh… Kei’s epic nekkid moment at last. This is one example which I DEFINITELY approve the Power of Fantasies. d(^^ )

    As for K-ON!, you already know raeping doesn’t occur only on Christmas. ;)

  2. In Japan Christmas is indeed a day when couples go on a date or to a love hotel and stuff

    In one chapter in the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei manga it turns out that taking into account when Zetusbou Sensei was born, he must have been conceived around Christmas (which he hates becuase of this, as he can’t stop seeing that (typical) day as the one when his parents must have made him)

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