[Random] Meet Kokido-chan!

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Say hello to Kokido-chan! The mascot of Kokido Kombine’s Image Gallery Site!

If you don’t know, Kokido Kombine is an anime hosting site owned by 7, author of Exce7ion. But lets allow the founder to tell you what it’s all about:

Kokido Kombine is a collective attempt (of frustrated anime bloggers) on breaking free from the limitations of the free version of WordPress, after a couple of months’ worth of contemplating, ranting, testing and shitloads of consideration.

For the most part, the Kombine is a free hosting service to select anime bloggers across the blogosphere, an approach to building a closer anime blogging community, the founder’s solution to his current state of boredom, and the founder’s anti-procrastination solution to learning something new about anything web-related.

–From the About Page

The idea for Kokido-chan came spontaneously while we were hanging out in the IRC Channel (#kokidokombine@irc.rizon.net). When was it…a week and a half ago…maybe more. And well, since I’m usually not doing anything, I volunteered to draw Kokido-chan. I came up with the way she looks and pose. 7 gave me his suggestions for the colors, which if it was left up to me…wouldn’t look as good! ^_^’ [I was thinking pink uniform and green hair…>_>]

I would also like to thank tflops of Just Moe, I was able to finish this a lot faster than my usual works thanks to his suggestions and opinions on the outfit. I guess it’s better to have the opinions and suggestions of others and keeping MY thinking to a minimal! ^_^’ I contemplate on things too much…which makes me procrastinate. >_>

And um, that’s all I wanted to say. Her personality and ‘story’…hmm, well, I’ll leave that for 7 to come up with!! ^_^

This image will be used for the Gallery Splash Page

P.S: The hosted sites are on the image. Kokido Kombine is growing.

P.P.S: Ooo~ Who will get Open Your Mind’s 2000th comment?

15 thoughts on “[Random] Meet Kokido-chan!

  1. Aa, kawaii desu! I like her. Maybe the text should be typographied a bit more, I don’t know. We’ll discuss it in IRC. d-^__^ Good work anyway, and… Is it my first comment here? O.O

  2. @Everyone: Thank you! ^_^

    @tflops: Congratulations tflops! You have Open Your Minds’ 2000th comment! \(^_^)/

    @Gargron: It’s your third one. Though it’s your first one since you moved to Kokido Kombine!

  3. Oh god she’s so cute. Especially her eyes. (More characters in anime need to have green eyes!)

    I’m going to love visiting Kokido-chan if there’s such a cute girl on the main page.

  4. @tflops: The satisfaction of knowing you have the 2000th comment…

    [De ja vu…>_>]

    @FuyuMaiden: Keikaku Doori!

    @nogizaka: LOL! I didn’t realize that “PS” was so cryptic! ^_^’ No I’m not leaving WordPress.com, I’m completely fine here! ^_^

  5. @Keiri: Thanks! ^_^

    @Shin: Actually, when thinking about how to draw Kokido-chan, Wriggle’s antennae were one of the first things to come to mind! ^_^’

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