Hayate no Gotoku S2 – Hamster Love



Awww~ So cute~! So touching~! Go Hamster~♥!

The Valentine chapter, the start of the Hinagiku X Ayumu X Hayate love triangle. This was one of my favorite chapters in Hayate no Gotoku as it was the beginning of a beautiful yuri couple friendship!

hayatenogotokus2_04-03 hayatenogotokus2_04-02

7 thoughts on “Hayate no Gotoku S2 – Hamster Love

  1. Wait… Who are you supporting? Hamster X Hayate or the Beautiful Loser Fan Yuri “Friendship”? :p

    Or is it just Hamster who gets your devoted love? ;)

  2. Poor girl. She’s neither rich, attractive nor a loli. 3 strikes and you’re out, Hamster.

    Here’s to a Hayate X Hayate ending.

  3. @Keiri: Hamster get my devoted love! Should she choose Hayate, I’ll be supportive, should she choose her “friendship”, I’ll be more than happy to support!

    Heck, I’ll even support a “friendship” with Hermoine! ;)

    @DrmChsr0: First time encountering NID…

    @Roy Mustang: WHAT!? Hamster so is attractive/cute!! >_<

  4. BAH.

    Ayumu/Hayate. Now.

    Sadly, the character I prefer the most with Hayate… Isumi… didn’t appear at all.

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