Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo – Convinient Fanservice


The girls are almost always wearing those delicious skin tight suits, meaning, we have some fanservice every single episode…but is that enough? Nope, the people at Sunrise believe we should have MOAR! So how about some sexy swimsuits that were conveniently hidden in Itsuki’s Mysterious bag of Mystery!


So convenient that even Imo gets one…yes there are people who will like this fanservice!

Obaa-san Honoka no Sukumizu Daisuki!

♥ Itsuki…but her swimsuit is “meh”…>_>

Though Akiha’s swimsuit is awesome!

This just begs for extraction and PhotoShopping


That spear…it’s late…my mind’s in the gutter… -_-

Moar granny Honoka Sukumizu

This girl is actually pretty cool…but like she’s been menstruating since her appearance…she’s quite forgettable…>_>


By the way, I watched episode 12-14 and I have to say, it’s actually pretty damn engaging! I may not know what the heck is going on most of the time [old dude in an island…and he’s the creator of Leopard…just how old are the damn colonies?] {I thought they were thousands of years old…you know, old technology that somehow is more advance than the current technology…>_>}, but having Colony Space Battles and Lelouchopard being so…Leopard-ish, is pretty damn entertaining that other things don’t really matter!

But hey, at least something keeps my interest, like Akiha’s dreams and that mecha chick! And of course, that one girl [forgot her name, Akiha’s fallen Idol of a sister] will turn to the dark side and Shishidou drama will commence, which I’m looking forwards to because the 2nd OP’s Album Cover is so kewl!

Emo [This Girl] is Emo


4 thoughts on “Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo – Convinient Fanservice

    • Come to think of it, is there a specific category for fans who like folks such as Komoe-sensei? Like a prefix word before “lolicon”? ^^

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