Saki – Mahjong Works Out a Sweat

I too sweat when I win.

I think I haven’t said it here on my blog, heck I haven’t even posted about Saki…>_> but I have no idea how to play Mahjong, let alone know the rules, so I thought watching the anime would be a bit un-enjoyable because I was sure there would be notes onscreen, which I refrain from reading…reading the manga is fine because the notes are on a different page, which means I can read them if I feel like knowing what the heck they’re saying. I’m fine just watching them play and spew terms that fly over my head, I don’t need to know the rules nor the terms to enjoy watching Saki.

Keikaku doori!

Yeah, there is some loss of enjoyment, but that’s fine with me, I’m not really watching Saki for the mahjong in the first place, though the dramatic mahjong {whut a yakuman! Oh shi-!} [<– Dunno what that is] is pretty damn entertaining, I’m all for the undertone yuri and the completely unintended comedy. {Ex: Saki imagining that boob’d girl as an angel thing! I lol’d ^_^} This small trivial thing keeps me coming back to Saki, and so far, I’ve had a smile on my face every time I see an episode! This is kinda like Strike Witches all over again! But instead of pantsu, it’s undertoned yuri!! ^_^

And dramatic mahjong.

3 thoughts on “Saki – Mahjong Works Out a Sweat

  1. Not a spoiler about the ‘Angel’ thing:
    Nodoka plays in the internet mahjong. Her nickname is Nodocchi and her avatar is an Angel. Her play is quick and racking points as fast as possible, fitting her image as an angel who will fly away leaving all her opponents behind her.

  2. Lol, I was browsing around looking for snippets (summaries, really) about Saki.
    I just decided that I just love comedic works like these. xD

    Well, that was funny. xD

    I guess I need to watch this Strike Witches of yours.


  3. I dislike gambling but strangely, I’m attracted to Saki. Though I don’t understand how some of the rules go (despite character’s explanations), the episodes are still fun to watch. I like their exasperated facial expressions whenever the protagonist gets a +/- zero. (;

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